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What to write in a thank you card for retirement

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What to write in a thank you card for retirement
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While it's not always necessary to write thank you notes when leaving a If you are fortunate enough to be retiring from work, take a few minutes to write a.


Tips On Writing Retirement Thank You Letters

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When it is time to retire from working life to adjust to the usual daily life with less responsibilities, most people are happy to make that transition. Like any other transition process, it is better to leave good reputation and feelings as you move on the next step into the future. A retirement thank you wording could serve as the best way to send your wishes to the retiree for a work well done and quality time of devotion to the company’s responsibilities. The major key when writing to the retiree is the tone to use as this highly expresses your sincere gratitude.

How to Write an Appreciation Retirement Card

Be straight to the point

When writing this kind of letter, it is better to consider making it short and ensure to mention the intent of the letter on the first line. This will save time for the reader to get the message without having to dig deep for information or trying to find the relevance of the letter. In this case, it is better to have the note be in general form as timing is relatively important. This kind of thank you wording should be sent       in some few weeks before the last day of work for the retiree.

Express your gratitude

In most occasions, retiring ought to be a life milestone that should not go without a celebration. If you are the one to retire, family and friends are most likely to throw you a party and shower you with gifts as well. Etiquette demands that you should use a high quality retirement thank you and you should ensure you write it out of sincerity and gratefulness.

Consider the recipient of the letter

An appreciation letter during retirement usually addresses either a group of people or specific persons. This is applicable in the case where a retiree wishes to thank his or her teammates or alternatively, the colleagues wish to thank the retiree for the services offered or the role-played in the company’s progress…It is worth acknowledging the efforts and responsibilities of an individual especially when it worked positively towards the development of the company.

Factors to consider when writing a retirement thank you

Writing a retirement thank you letter is an ideal way to give thanks to your employer or coworkers because they are the people you worked with on the previous day-to-day routine.

  • The content in the given letter should be dependent on the appropriate recipients. When addressing superiors, you are required to use a formal tone and a less formal tone when addressing the letter to coworkers. This will highly determine the sentiment expressed from the heart. Generally, the letter contains an opening statement relating to the retirement.
  • The letter written to coworkers, should speak of the great moments shared at work or the skills nurtured during your working time. The experiences will remind the recipients of the letter on the role you took part in the success or development of the company.
  • Acknowledge the trust shown to you during your work tenure. The advices that were keeping you going, and nurtured your confidence and courage should be the key reminder on your acknowledgement statement. Express what you have learned throughout your work experience in the given company. In addition to this, be grateful for the opportunities given to you that have been a great contribution in unleashing your potential to the fullest. Without forgetting, in retirement thank you speak of how you are thankful for the support you received from them.
  • If you are addressing your coworkers, remind them why they matter to you and what makes them the best colleagues any worker can have. Address the role they played in your life and the achievements you were able to meet following their support and love. Request them to stay in touch even after you retire and wish them the best as they continue to work in that particular company.

The above factors are enough to assist you in coming up with an impressive retirement thank you wording for the relevant recipients in the case where you have to retire from your work.

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A sample of a retirement thank you letter


Mary G. Houston

Brittle Tourism Company

1034 Spin Water Drive

Brooklyn, NY 21123



James L. Brown


Brittle Tourism Company

1034 Spin Water Drive

Brooklyn, NY 21123


RE: Thank you letter on retirement

Dear Mr. James,

I write this letter knowing am about to leave this company and my profession as a supervisor in Brittle Tourism Company. In the coming week I will be turning 60 years and therefore, will have to retire from my job. I wish to express my gratitude for the all the support I got from you. Thank you for the trust you showed in me during my work period.

Your words were a pillar of courage. The advice you gave me assisted in building confidence in me and more so lifting my self-esteem. You were always available when I needed help and you kept urging me to work hard as you saw I have the ability to unleash my potential. Over the years I have worked in your company, I have learned a lot from my colleagues too. I got great opportunities to unleash my potential to the fullest.

Every day in your company came with new learning experience. I do cherish the time I have spent in your company.

Thank you for the love and support.


Mary G. Houston


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Here are 20 messages you can use for what to write in a retirement card or congratulations card. Thank you for setting the standard for everyone at [ company].

What to Write for Retirement Thank You Messages

what to write in a thank you card for retirement


How to write a thank you note for money with examples

Money is one of the top gifts received at weddings and graduations. Anytime you receive money as a gift, write a thank you note to the person to show your gratitude and appreciation.

Growing up I wrote many thank you notes after receiving cash from relatives for Christmas and birthday presents. I had lots of practice by the time I graduated from high school, college, and got married.

Perhaps this is your first time writing a thank you, and you are not sure what to say. To help you determine what to say, let’s consider two scenarios that unfold when money is received as a gift:

When spending the money:

Mention what you spent the money on. Even if it is something boring, like a tank of gas. The goal is to let the giver know how their money impacted your life.


Dear Jane,

Thank you for attending our wedding and for the generous gift. We used it to help buy a new couch. We will enjoy it for many years to come.

Thanks again,

Heidi + Ted

When you save the money:

Indicate what you are saving the money for.  This will let the giver know how their gift is helping you reach a long-term goal.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones,

Thank you for the graduation gift. I plan to save the money for future college-related expenses. I also enjoyed visiting with you at my graduation party.



Tips for thank you notes for money:

  • Do include what you will be doing or did with the money, unless the money is a raise or bonus at your job. If the cash was a gift from your boss, you may also not want to say what you did with it. This would depend on your relationship with your boss.
  • Do not mention the amount that was given. The person will know how much they gave to you.
  • If the cash was in the form of a check, it is okay to say “Thank you for the check.”
  • Instead of saying “money” it is okay to say “gift.”
  • If you do not know how you will spend the money or what you are saving for, it is okay to say that too. Say “I will be adding this money to my savings until I need it.”
  • Be honest. Don’t say “I am saving the money for college” if that isn’t true.
  • Include at least two sentences. Only saying “Thanks for the money!” will leave the giver wondering what you did with the money.
  • Let the giver know how their money helped you.
  • Remember, the thank you note does not need to be complicated or long. Two or three sentences will be fine.
  • If the money was for an event such as birthday, anniversary, graduation, or wedding, put the event before the word gift or money in the note, for example, birthday money, anniversary money, graduation gift, or wedding money.
  • There are more tips below in the sections for a large sum of money and for loans.

Thank you note for money examples

#1 I appreciate the check you mailed. The timing was perfect as I was not going to be able to pay the full gas bill. Your money will keep my heat on. God bless!

#2 Thank you for the birthday money. I had fun spending it on Amazon. I ordered a new cookbook and a few other books that have been on my want list, including [book name]. I am looking forward to the hours of enjoyable reading.

#3 I was very surprised to receive your card and gift in the mail today. I used it to splurge on dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant. I felt happy to be able to sit at the sushi bar and be able to order anything I wanted. Thank you very much!

#4 Thank you for the gift card to [store name]. I love shopping there. I picked out some new wool socks to keep me warm this winter.

#5 Thank you for the graduation gift. I plan to save the money for future college-related expenses. I also enjoyed visiting with you at my graduation party.

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#6 The money you sent for my graduation is appreciated. I will be using it right away towards a used car to so that my parents don’t need to drive me to work anymore. Also, thank you for coming to the party!

#7 Thank you for the money! I am saving up for [item name] and your gift got me closer to the goal. I appreciate your generosity.

#8 I have received the check that you mailed. Thank you for your gift towards my mission trip. I will share all the details with you upon my return from [mission trip location]. Your support has helped make it possible for me to be able to go.

#9 Thank you for sending us wedding anniversary money. We used it for a wonderful dinner at [Restaurant Name] and to cover the cost of the baby sister. A night out was just want we needed.

#10 We appreciate the money you sent us. That was a very nice surprise when we opened your card. We are adding it to our envelope for replacement windows.

Note cards available on Amazon. Click image to purchase!

Examples to thank your boss for a cash gift

The examples below are for when your boss gave you cash, and you don’t want to share what you did with the money (You should probably share if the money was for a baby gift or wedding). To thank your boss for a raise or bonus read the post here.

The examples below be a bit more generic than I usually recommend. However, they are fine for when you don’t want to tell your boss what you did with the money.

#1 Thank you for the cash. I appreciate it and will do something fun with it!

#2 I am excited about the cash you gave me for my recent work anniversary. Thank you!

#3 You’re a wonderful boss! Thank you for the cash for my birthday. That was a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

#4 Thank you for the money recognizing my contribution to the team. I will be spending it or saving it soon! I don’t think I should tell you what I do with my money.

#5 What a great week we had with sales last week! I am grateful for the cash bonus I received. Thank you for making sure our team got a cut of the profit.

How to thank someone for a large sum of money 

This section of tips and examples is for when the money was a gift. The section that follows will have sample notes for when the money was a loan.

Expressing your gratitude may feel more challenging when you’ve received a large gift of money. What kind of thank you is enough for a big amount? Will your words ever be enough? I don’t recommend saying “I can’t thank you enough!” ever.

You may feel like you didn’t deserve the gift. You can read this post and this one to help you graciously accept the money.  Try to accept the gift without feel guilty.

A large sum of money will mean different amounts to different people. It could be $100 or $50,000 or more.  And remember that sometimes smaller amounts given to you regularly, such as for help paying bills, can add up to significant total over time.

I recommend writing a handwritten thank-you note. Why handwritten? Because they took more time and feel more personal. You could also pick out a card design that the giver will like. While a thank-you note should be enough to express your gratitude, some people may want to do more.

What you decide to do in addition to a thank-you note, if anything, is up to you. You will have to decide for yourself. Below is a list of potential ideas:

  • Take the giver out for a thank-you dinner
  • Send thank-you flowers
  • Send pictures of what the money was used for, especially if it was given to you for a specific purpose.
    • For a house down payment, your picture could be you and your family standing in front of the house, perhaps next to the sold sign.
    • For a car a picture in the driver’s seat! If this car was so that you could have transportation to get to a job, you could take a picture of the car in your job location.
  • For home improvements invite them over to see the “after” once the project is complete.
  • If the money was just because or a surprise, not to help meet a specific need, you might not want to share what you did with the money. You can still share your excitement and share if you desire to do so.

Modern Brushed Corporate Holiday Cards
from: Minted

Example wording for thank-you notes for a large sum of money

Tip 1: Explain why/how the money helped you. Be specific. Now is not the time to be generic!

Tip 2: Include as much in your note as in your heart. This could make for a longer letter than a typical three or four word thank-you note.

Remember: This set of examples are for when the money was a gift and no repayment is expected.

#1 Thank you for the contribution to my mortgage down payment. Your generosity has changed my life. Because of your help, I was able to to get a mortgage for 15 years instead of the typical 30. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you for sharing your money with me.

#2 We closed on the house last Friday! We thank you for your very generous gift to help with the down payment. We were able to become homeowners many years sooner than planned and are excited to start this new chapter of our lives. Thank you again for your benevolence. We would like to have you over for dinner as soon as we get settled in.

#3 I am grateful for the large amount of money you gave me! As you know, it will be used towards remodeling my bathroom. I will have you over for a visit once it’s complete. You are the best parents ever! Having an updated bathroom will help me feel more confident to have visitors. And since I use the bathroom every day, I will enjoy the improvements every day!

#4 I am very grateful for your help with getting a used car. Since I don’t have a credit score, I wasn’t able to qualify for a loan. And much to my dismay, my old car gave out before I had enough saved for a replacement vehicle. Your altruism is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I will be able to drive to work safely in the used [make or model of the car].

#5 Thank you for helping me with bills during the past year. I’ve struggled to get on top of things and seem to have a problem with self-sabotage. You’ll be happy to know that I have a new money accountability partner. I am making every effort to change my money habits. You’ve been very gracious to me and your resources. It’s time for me to learn to be independent. Thank you for all of your kindness and patience. I am grateful that, due to your help, I was able to stay in my apartment during my season of money troubles.

#6 Wow, I was surprised that you decided to share your inheritance from Aunt Sue’s estate with me. I loved her as if she was my Aunt but did not expect anything when she passed. You are a very kind and charitable person. I don’t know what I will do with the money just yet, but am very grateful to have received it. My heart is full.

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Thank you notes for when someone gave you a loan

Tip 1: I am assuming you needed the loan for a specific reason. You can mention the reason in your note. For example, thank you for loaning me money for [enter reason].

Tip 2: You can thank them when you get the loan, and also again when the loan is paid in full. If the loan is very short term (less than 2 weeks), then one note is fine.

I borrowed money from a coworker once and paid her back the next day along with a thank-you!

The lending/borrowing note examples:

#1 Thank you for lending my cash yesterday for lunch. I was shocked when I got to work and realized I had left my wallet at home. I am grateful that you helped me out so that I didn’t have to skip lunch. Thanks Again!>

#2 I am very grateful to you for helping me out with a loan to cover the cost of my car repairs. As we discussed, I will give you [agreed upon amount] every two weeks until it’s paid off. And then, once it’s paid off I will put the same amount in an envelope every two weeks to build up savings for the next time my car has an issue. Thank you for trusting me.>

#3 Thank for the loan to help me purchase a used car. Since I don’t have a credit score, I couldn’t qualify for a loan for even a small amount. I promise to stick to the payment plan that we came up with. And it’s very nice of you to not charge me interest!

#4 I appreciate your kindness and letting me borrow money during this difficult time of my life. Not being able to pay all of my bills on time is very stressful. I am looking forward to my new job that starts next week which will help me be in a better financial position.

#5 Thank you for letting me borrow money for rent last month! I had so many unexpected expenses happen at the same time. Your kindness helped me save face with the landlord. I was able to sell some items on eBay for more than expected and will repay you the full amount soon.

For more tips read:How to write a thank you note in 5 easy steps.

Share your tips or questions in the comments below!

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Employee Farewell Thank You Note

what to write in a thank you card for retirement

Why are thank-you notes important? How long does a thank-you note have to be? Here are the oft-forgotten fundamentals of writing a thank-you note.

Why write a thank-you note?

Thank-you notes are not only good manners, but also good for your health! Yes, it’s true!

A study in Psychological Science showed that writing a thank you letter both improves the giver’s happiness and put the writer in more positive spirits. That’s the power of gratitude!

While many thank-you letter writers get concerned about the exact words they use, it turns out that the recipients were simply touched at the warmth and thoughtfulness of the letter itself.

So, starting writing thank-you notes—and write them more often! It comes at very little cost and benefits everyone.

Which occasions require a thank-you note?

A gift traditionally requires a thank-you note from the recipient, no matter what the occasion for the gift—a holiday, birthday, anniversary, religious event, award, or accomplishment.

Thank-you notes are also recommended when services have been performed (especially as a favor or for free), when hospitality has been provided, or in appreciation of generosity or thoughtfulness.

When should a thank-you note be written?

Immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes, and the less appreciative you will appear.

What is needed for a thank-you note?

Traditionally, a blue or black ink pen on fine stationery, a blank card, or suitable notepaper.

How do I write a thank-you note?

Write a draft first. Before using your “good” paper, gather your thoughts and jot them on a piece of scrap paper.

Keep each note short—three or four sentences is fine. You can express your thanks just as sincerely as you can in several paragraphs.

  1. Write something personal/emotional about the giver.  Do not use the word “I”: A thank-you note is not about you, it is about the person who gave you the gift. Some examples include “You are so thoughtful!” or “How did you know … ?” or “Your presence at [EVENT] was a gift, but the [GIFT] made it a truly special day.”
  2. Comment on what you will do with the gift (especially if it is money) and/orhow you will use the gift (e.g., in school, on vacation, at work, in the kitchen, etc.). Be specific. “Thank you so much for the beautiful set of wineglasses! We really enjoy entertaining, so the glasses will get plenty of use”).
  3. Express your thanks for the gift and the giver, e.g., his or her thoughtfulness or generosity or on what a special place he or she occupies in your family or heart or circle of friends.

Remember: Be authentic, be original, be sincere.

Once you are satisfied with your thank-you sentences, write them on the “good” paper.

  • Start with “Dear [NAME],”
  • End with cordial regards, e.g., “Sincerely,” or “With love,” or “You’re the best!” or “Yours truly,”
  • Sign the thank-you note.
  • Address the envelope, put a postage stamp on it, and mail it.

Can I print—not write in cursive—a thank-you note?

Printing a thank-you note is acceptable, but cursive is a nice touch (as long as it’s legible).

Can I just say “thank you” verbally to the giver?

You can—and should—say “thank you” to the giver when you receive a gift, but a proper appreciation should be expressed on paper and sent by mail.

Can I use email, social media, or the phone to say “thank you”?

You can express your thanks in those ways, but nothing beats a thank-you note written on paper and sent in an envelope.

If I do not like the gift, do I need to send a thank-you note?

Yes—but if you do not like a gift, do not reveal your displeasure in the note. Focus on your appreciation of the giver’s thoughtfulness, generosity, and good intentions. Remember the adage “It’s the thought that counts.” Keep an open mind: You may actually develop a fondness and appreciation for the item later.

What difference will a thank-you note make?

If you send a thank-you note, you and the gesture will never be forgotten. If you do not, you will not be forgotten either, but not for the same reason nor with the same regard.

At what age should kids send thank-you notes?

It’s a great idea to get children in the habit of writing their own thank-you notes by preschool age. If your child can’t write yet, transcribe the note for them and have them write (or scribble!) their name at the end. Recipients—whether grandparents, other family members, or friends—are guaranteed to be delighted!

Say thank you with a note … and a gift!

It’s OK to go overboard with your appreciation and send a thank-you gift. Make your own gift jars with something edible inside or see other fun gifts you can make in the kitchen.

Did you know?

National Handwriting Day is January 23!

Do you have any tips for writing the best thank you cards? Do you still write thank-you notes? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you card messages. Examples of what to write in a thank you card.

Thank You Messages For Retirement Gifts

what to write in a thank you card for retirement

Thank you messages for retirement gifts is an impressive way to thank everyone for all the priceless gifts received on the retirement day. Express your gratitude to each one for showering you with their warm wishes and their lovely tokens of love and appreciation.

The age of retirement is the special day in every employed person’s life. Contributing to your service for so many years and that too honestly and by working hard is not merely an easy job. And not every person us lucky enough to celebrate the day. So if you are getting retired from your job or some one else whom you may know is planning for his/her retirement, its time to celebrate the day.

The day of retirement is the day when you are bestowed with warm blessings, wishes and even gifts. This is the day to proudly celebrate your contribution towards your work. After getting showered by the wonderful gifts, its your turn to say thanks to everyone for the amazing gifts.

Read the below article to get some help in writing thank you messages for receiving retirement gifts.

Thank You Messages For Retirement Gifts

  • I appreciate your gift that you gifted me on my retirement day. Thanks a lot it really means a lot to me.
  • Thanks for your presence at my retirement party. And yes, your gift was the most precious one. I really loved it..
  • Thanks for finding some time from your bust schedules to be there at my retirement party. I appreciate your choice of gifts. Really loved each one of them.
  • I deeply appreciate your gift. Thank you dear friend for such a generous gift.
  • Hey friend! You know what? Your gift suited my retirement occasion perfectly. Thanks for making my day so special.
  • Thanks pal for making my 25 years of service worth. And your gift was the perfect one to suit the day. How did you knew that I wanted this only?
  • Thanks everyone for showering me with your warm wishes and wonderful gifts on my retirement day. Thanks a lot for making this day memorable..
  • Thank you everyone for bestowing me with wonderful gifts on my retirement. These really made me sentimental.
  • A great thanks to my hard working and supportive team for organizing such a wonderful retirement party for me. I will definitely miss you all. But yes, your gifts will always remind me of you. Thanks once again…
  • Retirement day is not less than a blessing. Not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate the day. Therefore I thank every one of you for celebrating my day in such a great manner. And thanks a lot for your pretty tokens of love and appreciation.
  • Dear friends, I really appreciate your presence at my party. The moment was priceless. Thanks once again for such a lovely gift. Its worth using. I liked it a lot!
  • Thanks a lot gentleman for your generous gift. I will definitely treasure it forever. It will always remind me of you. Thanks once again..
  • Frankly speaking I never realized that I have reached my retirement age because you mates have never let me feel so. The retirement party and the gift organized by you was lovely. The memories of the day will definitely be cherished forever.
  • Dear mates, its my day to leave the company. But you made my last day so memorable that its memories are treasured in my heart. Thank you for the chess board. Each time I will play it will definitely remind me of you all. Thank you!
  • Thank you for presenting me with my favourite watch on my retirement day. How did you knew that I had wanted this one only?  Being the member of your team, I will definitely miss you all..
  • Today on the occasion of my retirement party, I take the opportunity to thank all of you for being so supportive and hard working. Thanks for the golf set..
  • Thank you mates for providing me such a pleasant environment in the company. I truly appreciate the token of love that you presented me on my retirement day. Will definitely miss working with you all!
  • I feel so proud to be a part of this company and team member of such a hard working team. Thanks for showering me with all those gifts. I loved all of them from the core of  my heart. Thanks team..
  • Dear co workers, how generous you all are! I know how much I will miss you but I know that your well wishes will always be there for me. Thanks for the cheque!
  • When your gift arrived, I was shocked! You must have been there to see my face. When I saw the gift, I immediately realized who’s the sender of the gift. Thanks a lot for such an amazing gift. PS, you will always be missed! In case you need any help, feel free to contact me!

Hope you might have got some idea about how to write thank you messages for receiving gifts on retirement. Use the above given thank you messages and quotes as they are given or you may even mould them as per your wish.

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