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Thank you wording from child
February 26, 2019 Misc. Thanks 4 comments

Express your gratitude with these thank you messages and ideas from “I'm using you as an example to my kids of someone unselfish, giving.

Writing your baby thank you cards

Whether you are thanking your loved ones for a kind gift or for attending your baby shower, a heartfelt message is the best way to share your appreciation. You can write your baby thanks you cards in many different styles and can even write them as if they are from your little one. The options are endless so if you are having a hard time putting your gratitude into words then take a look at our suggested wording for your baby thank you cards.

Don’t forget that our friendly customer service team are also on hand to help you create the perfect baby or christening thank you cards, so do not hesitate to get in touch by phone, email or online chat.  As part of our complimentary retouching service, our talented proofreaders will also double check your text to make sure that it is perfect, and will even suggest alternative baby thank you card wording where necessary.

Thank you so much for the sweet card!

We appreciate your support during this special time in our lives and it feels good to know you’re thinking of us!

Many thanks. Do come and visit Joseph soon.

Love from, Peter and Sophie



Little Catherine thanks you for her lovely gift.

She can’t wait to meet you for a cuddle to say thank you, so do come and visit soon.

Love from, Peter and Sophie


Thank you for attending my baby shower!

You being there really meant a lot to me.

We really appreciate your love and support and cannot wait for you to meet Catherine.

Love from, Peter and Sophie

Wording your christening thank you cards

If you would like to thank your loved ones for attending your child’s christening then it is easy to do so with our personalised christening thank you cards. A few words go a long way, so keep it simple with a little thank you or take a look at our suggested christening thank you cards wording ideas below. If your little one was lucky enough to be showered with gifts, then be sure to mention the specific gift from each recipient when writing your christening thank you cards.

Thank you for sharing in the joy of my christening.

Your love, prayers and generous gift were greatly appreciated.

Love from, Catherine



I would like to thank you for the beautiful gift you gave me for my christening.

Even though you were unable to attend the service,

it was nice to know that you were thinking of me on my special day.

Love from, Catherine

We would like to thank you for being Godparent to baby Joseph

and attending his christening.

We much appreciate your support.

Love from, Peter and Sophie


Thank you for your kind wishes and beautiful gifts

to celebrate the christening of

our precious daughter/son,


Love from, Peter and Sophie

As you'd imagine, I'm a big proponent of having children write their own thank you notes. However, if they're not old enough, you (the parent) can write them for .

How To Write a Thank You Card That Actually Says Thanks

thank you wording from child

Thank You Note Wording for Better Thank You Notes

Thank You Note Writing Help Is Here!

Our thank you note wording page will help you to compose a heartfelt note that shows your appreciation. With everyone being so busy these days, taking the time to do so is a sure way to make someone you care about feel special.

You might not be able to find just the right words to express how you feel. Don’t worry. We have examples of thank you note wording designed to inspire you!

Take time right now, jot a note, and brighten the day of your spouse, child, parent, or a friend. Feel free to personalize the thank you note wording in any of the examples that follow.

Thank You Note Wording

Dear Mom:

Never has it been more appropriate for me to “wish I knew then what I know now!” I might have been a better kid.

This recent escapade with Johnny must have you rolling your eyes. I can just hear you say, “What goes around comes around.”

Thanks for not killing me when I was his age!

Love always,


To my wife, my lover, my friend:

To quote Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good as It Gets,” “you make me want to be a better man.” And I’m not “overshooting it.” Without you, I am less of a man.

Thanks for being you, and loving me.



Hi pumpkin (insert personal nickname here):

I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you for taking 4th place in the regional finals yesterday. I know you are disappointed, but you gave it your all.

Remember, I am never disappointed with that! You’re number one in my book!

Rock on!

Find more thank you note wording examples, please visit our sample thank you note wording and more thank you note wording pages.

If you would like to see personal thank you note examples, check out our free thank you letters page.

For additional thank you note samples, click here.

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Baby thank you card wording

thank you wording from child

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”
– G.B. Stern

Like any other task, I like to complete thank you cards both effectively and efficiently.

  • Effective: Making sure it has the intended result.  We’ll think through the purpose of thank you cards and how to word your thank you note.
  • Efficient: Get it written quickly.  I’ve  put together an easy template for your thank you card – so you can ensure your thank you cards can be written efficiently, but still hit all the right notes.

Don’t rush through thank you cards – they matter. I just like to make sure I have a plan.

The Purpose Of Thank You Cards

A thank you card has a single purpose: to convey your appreciation to the person who gave you a gift, or did you a favor.

This is important, because before you send a thank you card you need to ask yourself – have I conveyed my appreciation?

Here are some questions to keep in mind as you think about what you want to say in the card:

  • Is my appreciation sincere?
  • Am I holding anything back?
  • Is there something I appreciate about this gift that I haven’t mentioned?

How To Word Your Thank You Card


I break my thank you cards into three parts.

1: The Greeting

A lot of people rush to scribble “Dear Jane,” and decide they’re finished with the greeting – on to the card! However, the greeting is extremely important and deserves to be crafted.

Consider the different words you could use:

  • “Dear Jane,” – This is formal.  I rarely use this unless addressing family or very close friends. In that instance, the use of the term Dear actually comes across as what it means – rather than giving the impression of a thank you card written at arm’s length.
  • “My Dear Jane,” or “My Dearest Jane,” – This I typically see used in addressing significant others, or people addressing their family such as children, grand-children and and nieces/nephews.
  • “Hi Jane,” or “Hey Jane,” conveys a more casual letter and is useful for acquaintances turning into closer friends.   Depending on your relationship with the person, this informality can help deepen your relationship instead of using Dear – particularly if the gift or favor they did for you helped bring you closer together.
  • “Hi Jane!” or “Hey Jane!” – Still casual, but now – with excitement!
  • “Jane,” – I strongly recommend against doing this. With nothing preceding a name, it can come across as blunt, cold – and rushed. You don’t want to give the impression that your letter was dashed off as an afterthought.  An exception to this is if you are writing a thank you card for a work colleague, and want to ensure the card does not come across as overly friendly.
  • “Hi,” – Even worse than just their name is leaving off their name.  In How To Win Friends And Influence People, one of my favorite personal development books, Dale Carnegie writes “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Want to know the most sour sound? Perhaps the absence of their name where it should be.
  • So which do I recommend?  “Hey Jane!” I like my thank you cards to immediately pop with the excitement and emotion I have from the gift or the favor.  Especially if it’s around Christmas time, and people are receiving lots of Thank You cards – I want to make sure that my genuine thanks comes across and doesn’t sound generic.

2: The Body

The meat of your thank you card.  Lets talk about the words, phrasing and content you want to use here:

  • Express Emotion.  In most of my writing I stick to facts and get straight to the point. In thank you cards, this is the time to express gratitude and emotion. Unlike my usual writing, I will expand and take my time to ensure emotion and gratitude fills the card.
  • Be Specific.  While you don’t want to stick to just the facts, it’s good to point out specifics.
  • Remember The Past and Paint The Future.  While you don’t always have to do this, I like to discuss how the person’s gift and actions have improved my life – and how it is going to help me in the future. People like to know that what they have done has made a difference – so if it has, tell them!

3: The Closing

The closing is the last thing people read, so you should word it in a way that is consistent with the purpose of the card, and with the wording of the body preceding it.  Common closings include:

  • “Sincerely, Sid” – I don’t particularly like using this unless I want to keep my thank you card very formal and at arm’s length.  Remember, we are trying to convey appreciation and deepen our relationship – this closing accomplishes neither.
  • “Love, Sid” – I typically use this for family only. Some people may use it for family and close friends.
  • “Thank You, Sid” – All these are appropriate and some variation of “Thank You” is my most common closing. Varitions include: “Many thanks, Sid” , “Thank You So Much, Sid”, “Thanks, Sid
  • “Take Care, Sid” – I will sometimes use this if I know that the favor, present or perhaps just the person’s life a the time is genuinely difficult and I want to close with empathy.  If so, my last line in my body will lead into this.
  • When in doubt, I recommend keeping it simple – you can’t go wrong with “Thank You, Sid”

Keeping these considerations in mind, lets review my thank you card template.

Thank You Card Template

Just like any other correspondence, I like my thank you cards, emails or even conversation (for verbal thank yous) to have a thesis statement.

Excuse me? Yes, a thesis statement – a simple, condensed summary of what is in the rest of the thank you note.  My thesis statement is usually very straightforward:

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for ___.

I then follow that up with my emotions and gratitude.  Note in particular that I express gratitude for their actions and effort and not for the final result.

I was really touched that you took the time to pick out a gift that you knew I would like.

Using these two sentences to open my thank you card, and then bringing in the wording I discussed previously, here’s the full template. Note that items in [brackets] are optional and to be used when appropriate.

The benefit of using this template is you know that every word and phrase has been carefully chosen to ensure a personalized, gratitude filled card which will convey your appreciation, and deepen your relationship.

Sid’s Thank You Card Template

Hey _____ !

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for ____.  I was really touched that you _____.

[Remember The Past:  When you _____, it really helped me _____. I really appreciate what you gave me/did for me.] [Paint The Future: With your gift/help, I can now _____.   It truly has made a difference in my life.]

Thank you so much,


Handwritten, Typed, Or Email?

Finally, how should the card be written and delivered?

Physical vs. Email: I personally don’t like receiving physical mail-  but other people don’t feel the same way:  especially with thank you cards.  Most people still prefer actual thank you notes.  Because of this, if someone has done something exceptional for me or given me an exceptionally large gift I will send a physical card via snail mail.

Typed or Handwritten? I think (mistakenly or not), email can give the impression that I’m rushing to say thanks, and can come across as insincere. So for that reason, when in doubt I recommend handwritten.

Nonetheless, for close friends and family who know me well, I typically send mine via email.

So, get out there, enjoy the presents you receive from friends and family – and make sure to take a few moments to tell them thank you!

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Take time right now, jot a note, and brighten the day of your spouse, child, parent, or a friend. Feel free to personalize the thank you note wording in any of the.

Thoughtful Wording for a Thank You Note

thank you wording from child

This FREE thank you notes resource was written with you in mind. It has beautiful thank you card wording for all occasions. Here you’ll find over 500 beautifully-written wording examples to fire up your creativity as well as FREE greeting card printables and stylish gift ideas.

Express Gratitude

When it comes to expressing gratitude, nothing is more personal than a hand-written thank you note. It’s well known that sincere gestures of appreciation are the currency of good business and personal relationships. Thank you cards go a long way in establishing goodwill and trust. They help build those important social connections that give structure to our lives. Most of us can remember the names of the people and businesses who send us holiday greeting cards every year. And we definitely remember those who have taken the time to send us a courteous and prompt thank you note message to acknowledge our kindness in a special way. Who in your life right now deserves a few words of thanks?


* Begin by selecting a beautiful set of thank you cards
* Purchase stamps with a lovely design
* Select a quality pen with ink that doesn’t easily smudge
* Get ready to use your computer or a few pieces of scrap paper
* Choose a comfortable well-lit spot that’s perfect for writing
* Allow your thoughts to focus on feelings of gratitude
* Remember how you felt when receiving the kind gift or gesture
* Capture those warm emotions and allow them to build and overflow
* Use your computer or scrap paper for writing your rough draft
* In the body of your thank you note use warm words that show a personal connection
* Add specific details about the gift, favor, kindness or advice you received
* Include words of thanks or a lovely thank you phrase
* Spell check your rough draft
* Handwrite your thank you message on a hard-stock thank you card
* End your thank you note with your regards followed by a signature


To jumpstart your creativity browse through our extensive collection of thoughtful thank you card wording samples. You can use our professionally-written examples as your own personal thank you note template. There are thank you note categories for all occasions: wedding, baby shower, birthday, graduation, business, bereavement, teacher appreciation and many more! Choose your favorite thank you note examples within this site and then put your own special spin on the written content. You can often combine a few of the words and phrases from two or more thank you notes to create a completely unique message that’s all your own!

Thank You Note Categories | Business + Personal

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This is a lovely collection of wording examples for thanking those wonderful people in your life who have shown you a generous measure of kindness. Explore our treasure trove of phrasing.

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording
Your FREE resource for how to write baby shower thank you notes. Thanking your baby shower guests for gifts just got easier. This page contains thoughtful wording examples that you can use right now to fly through that stack of thank you cards in style. Get ready to be inspired with the very best in baby shower thank you card wording!

Bachelorette Party Thanks
Woo-hoo! What a celebration! We’re ready to help you get started writing out thank you cards to your bridesmaids and friends. This treasure trove of wording and phrases were written to help you tap into your creativity and express your heartfelt thanks with beauty and confidence.

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You’ve just discovered a wonderful selection of thoughtfully-written thank you card excerpts for showing thanks to your guests and for all the gifts you received on your very special day.

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Heartfelt wording examples for writing bereavement and funeral thank you cards for flowers, sympathy gifts, prayers and emotional support. Here’s how to best thank friends, family and your church community for reaching out and providing you with spiritual strength and comfort. This page offers a measure of love and assistance during a very difficult time. These beautiful examples of sympathy thank you notes are exactly what you need right now.

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Customer Thank You Notes
Customer thank you notes build and reinforce positive relationships, promote your brand, and encourage repeat business. This special collection of thank you note examples is a wonderful business resource. Use these wording examples to help you write a sincere letter of thanks to your valued customers and clients. See just how easy it is to write a customer appreciation message!

Dinner and Entertainment Thanks
Good etiquette dictates that after you’ve enjoyed a dinner and/or event at a friend or client’s home that you send a thoughtful handwritten thank you card within a few days after the meal or party. For close family members and more casual friendships an email thanks is absolutely fine.

Donation Thank You Letter Samples
This section offers professionally-worded thank you letter examples for donations received for non-profit organizations, schools, churches and more.

Employee Appreciation Thank You Cards
Whenever employees have gone over above what’s expected it’s important to recognize their accomplishments. Many employers add the engraved names of high-performing employees onto a group recognition plaque placed prominently in the workplace. But at the very least a thank you card should accompany a handshake and verbal thanks.

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Saying goodbye to work friends and colleagues isn’t easy. It can often be a challenge finding the right words to say in a goodbye email. To assist you out we’ve included examples of farewell emails that you can pull words and phrases from to create an email letter that reflects your sentiments. Likewise, employee departure emails can often be difficult to write. When it comes time for an employee to leave your company it’s good etiquette to send them off with well wishes and words of gratitude for the years of service they’ve given to growing your business and keeping your customers satisfied. These farewell email examples contain wording and phrasing that you can pull from when writing your goodbye email.

Father’s Day Thank You Cards
This cherished holiday is the perfect time to express your sincere love and thanks to the important father figures in your life. A small thoughtful gift along with a sweet Father’s Day Card is the traditional way of celebrating this special occasion.

Friendship Thank You Card
Truly good friends are hard to come by. It’s important to water your friendships so they continue to grow and flower into wonderful life-long relationships. Every now and then it’s nice to acknowledge those important people in your life with a sweet greeting card expressing your gratitude for their friendship.

Funeral Thank You Notes
These thank you card entries were lovingly written to help you express your thanks for help, kindness, flowers, gifts, cards, pre-made food, phone calls and more. My sincere condolences for your very private loss.

Get Well Thank You Message
So many friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members sent you their well wishes, thoughts and prayers during your time of illness. Thank these wonderful people by mailing each a lovely thank you card with a personal message.

Graduation Thank You Card Wording
Congratulations to the graduate! You’ve accomplished so much. It was so wonderful to have friends and family attend your ceremony and festivities. And you received several lovely gifts, flowers and grad cards. Send a handwritten thank you note to each of these special individuals.

Hospitality Thank You Messages
After a wonderful dinner, visit or evening at a friend or client’s home it’s proper etiquette to send a thank you card with a thoughtful message. An email thanks is completely acceptable for those persons with whom you have very casual relationships.

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This section is packed with professionally-worded thank you letter examples for job interview thanks. Your letter can be emailed or handwritten on a nice thank you card and snail mailed.

Money Gifts or Cash Gift Thanks
What a wonderful happy feeling it is to receive a thoughtful gift of money. Show your thanks for checks, gift certificates, and cash gifts with a nice thank you note with a personalized message of sincere thanks.

Mother’s Day Thank You Card Message
Celebrate this special day by spending it with your beautiful mom. Bring her flowers and/or a gift along with a loving Mother’s Day Card filled with sweet phrases and a message of thanks.

Pet Sitting Thank You Card Wording Examples
Your animals were so well taken care of when you were away. It gave you a measure of peace knowing that your beloved little ones were in good hands during your absence. Remember to thank your pet sitter by sending him/her a thoughtful thank you card expressing your thanks.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Examples
When you receive a scholarship it’s important to thank the donor or organization who generously granted you the funds to continue your education. If you’re unsure what wording to include in your thank you letter, we’ve got you covered! Browse through the scholarship thank you note wording examples in this section. Saying thank you for the scholarship has never been easier!

Teacher Thank You Note Examples
This page contains plenty of wonderful thank you card writing examples for thanking teachers and other important members of the school staff. Use the wording and phrases in this section to create one-of-a-kind thank you messages.

Valentine’s Day Thanks
Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the perfect opportunity to thank your loved ones for the love and sweetness they show you all year long. Pick up a bottle of your favorite bubbly and start getting festive. Bake a few heart-shaped cookies or pink cupcakes and let the celebration begin. Thank you cards in this section are coming soon!

Volunteer Thank You Card Words and Phrases
Thank your volunteers by sending a thoughtful, heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job they did. These tireless friends and community members deserve to have their hours of dedication recognized in a very sweet way. Here’s thank you card wording you cn use right now!

Wedding Day Thanks
Congratulations to the gorgeous new couple! After your beautiful wedding day there is a long list of guests that need to be properly thanked for their thoughtful gifts. This special page contains a delightful number of sweetly crafted thank you note wording examples to help get you started.



When sitting down to write thank you notes, sometimes all you need to get started is a few new ideas for wording and phrasing. These thank you note examples are designed to spark your own imagination and creativity. There are so many wonderful, special people in your life that share their time, talents and expertise helping you achieve your personal goals. Others lend a helping hand or a friendly ear and are ready to help you problem solve. Each of these friends, family members, neighbors or acquaintances deserve to be properly thanked for their kindness. This is your personal inspirational playground where you can discover new ways of communicating your gratitude and sincere thanks.


Each of these beautiful sites has original thank you card wording that was professionally written specifically with your needs in mind. Our current categories are listed below. If there’s a thank you message category that’s not covered within these three sites, please contact us and bring it to our attention. We will be happy to add the new category along with fresh, exclusive content. Each thank you card section is refreshed throughout the year with brand new entries. We want this to be your personal collection of thank you note wording and phrases for all of life’s important moments. Remember to bookmark this site. Enjoy!

Step by step how to write a thank you card, with a fill-in-the-blanks template. others, or people addressing their family such as children, grand-children and and with the purpose of the card, and with the wording of the body preceding it.

thank you wording from child
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