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Thank you ideas for baby shower
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Find the perfect favors for your baby shower guests! Our collection of baby boy and girl shower favors include designs for everyone. Find the perfect fit!.

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The ones every parent-to-be will thank you for We've asked new parents which baby shower gifts they love and found the most useful.

20 Thank You Gift Ideas for Baby Shower Hosts

thank you ideas for baby shower

If your friends, workmates and/or relatives have gathered together to throw a baby shower for you, it’s important to thank them and let them know that you noticed and appreciated their efforts.

There’s quite a lot involved in organising a baby shower and often there will be a number of people who have contributed their time and energy – you’ll need to thank them all.

While you’ll no doubt thank them personally at the time, it’s customary for the guest of honour – that’s the mum-to-be – to send a note to thank everyone who has organised, contributed to and attended the baby shower, as well as each guest who has given or sent a card and/or a gift.

It doesn’t have to be a long letter – just a short, sincere, personal note.

Baby Shower Thank You note Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do send your hosts and guests thank you notes as soon as possible after the baby shower; a good guide is to post the notes around three to four days after the shower.
  • Don’t hand out generic thank you notes at the end of the shower. If you are giving everyone a thank you ‘goody bag,’ that’s great, but you should still send a personal thank you note after the event.
  • Do hand-write each person’s name and a message of a sentence or so thanking them for their gift and help, even if you are sending pre-printed cards.
  • Don’t write anything critical or negative. If you didn’t like the gift, be tactful – thank the person for their thoughtfulness.
  • Do mention the actual gift that each person gave you – rather than ‘thanks for your kind gift,’ write ‘thank you for the lovely rattle’ – or towels or whatever!
  • Don’t use the thank you note to ask if you can exchange the gift. That’s a conversation that should happen in person or by phone. The purpose of the thank you note is to express appreciation.
  • Do use personal language – Dear ‘Name,’ is the best way to start; and sign off with something affectionate like ‘Love from’ or ‘warm regards.’
  • Don’t make it really formal or impersonal; use some pretty notepaper or a small-sized card rather than a computer-printed letter.
  • Do address your thank-you note to the person or people who signed the baby shower card that accompanied the gift.

Sending Baby Shower Thank You notes for gifts

By planning in advance, you can make the task of sending shower thank you notes to your guests much easier.

Ask one of your hosts for help to record the name of each guest and their gift when you have opened them. Will you open each gift as the guests arrive – or open them at the end?

Where will people put gifts when they arrive? It’s very common to set a table up not far from the entrance door where gifts can be placed.

A good way to keep track of which guest gave which gift, is to write the gift on the back of each baby shower card when you open the gift, and then keep the cards in a separate pile.

Another option is to have a blank piece of paper and pen on the gift table and give a friend the job of writing down the name of each guest and the gift at the time the presents are opened.

Quite often, baby shower invitations may have been given out personally. It is a whole lot easier to send your thank-you notes all at once, by mail, if you can – so you will need to ensure that you have each guest’s mailing address.

The best place to collect these is at the actual baby shower – and it doesn’t have to involve a huge effort. One great idea is to ask each guest to hand-address their own envelopes or a sticker that will go onto an envelope, at some stage of the baby shower.

Perhaps you can have a blank name and address sticker next to a pre-written name-tag sticker for each guest. When they arrive and receive their name-tag, either the person handing out name tags can write out the name and address sticker – or you can ask the guest to write their name and address.

Another option, if you are giving thank you goody-bags at the end, is to ask each guest to address an envelope with their mailing address at the time that they are leaving.

How do you thank someone for a gift of money?

Gifts of money or voucher gifts can be really useful. When you write a thank you note to someone who has given money or a voucher, rather than mention the exact amount, it’s often better to thank them for their generosity and give them an idea of how their gift might be used.

For example, “Thanks so much for your generous gift, it has come at just the right time as we need to buy our baby a new pram and this will be such a help.”

Can you send a thank you by email?

Generally, handwritten notes are best for a thank you – but if you and your guest are totally digital-based people, email is fine.

Just try and make sure that each thank you email is a sincere and personal message – don’t do too much cut-and-pasting in the thank you email, or it will seem that you haven’t appreciated your guests’ efforts enough to make much of an effort yourself.

Sending Baby Shower Thank You notes to the hosts and organisers

Organising a baby shower can take a lot of time and effort and it’s a real gesture of love. Until you actually organise a shower yourself, you often don’t realise just how much work is involved.

If your friends, relatives or colleagues have hosted a baby shower for you, do make sure that you let them know that you appreciate what they have done.

A thank-you note to the baby shower hosts should be a little different to the note you send to your guests and those who gave or sent gifts. It’s worth raising the level of enthusiasm, effusiveness and appreciation a notch or two to let the hosts know that you noticed and you appreciate their efforts.

At the time of the baby shower it can be really difficult to keep an eye on everything that is going on. But when the shower is finished, try and find a few quiet minutes to think about all the things that happened, and who you need to thank for these.

Hosting the Baby shower – The big and little details to thank your hosts for

There’s lots of little details that all add up to a successful baby shower. Below is a list of many of the typical baby shower activities that one or more of your friends may have done.

If you’re not sure who did what, phone one of your friends to check. No-one likes to be overlooked!

Don’t forget to write a note to each person involved and list as many things as you can.

  • Arranged a venue or offered their own home as the venue for the shower
  • Wrote out a guest list, found guest contact details, sent invitations to guests, received and chased up RSVP notes, kept guests informed about the arrangements
  • Set out a budget, planned a theme and games and activities for the shower
  • Paid for some or all of the baby shower
  • Organised a caterer and/or planned and set up a menu for the party
  • Purchased decorations, plates, cups, cutlery, serviettes, balloons, etc
  • Organised the venue details or held the shower in their home, cleaned and decorated their home or prepared the venue, organised decorations, signs or welcoming notes at the venue or their home.
  • Purchased and prepared food and drinks, baked cakes, made sandwiches, prepared other dishes
  • Purchased the things needed for the baby shower games, including prizes
  • Organised ‘thank you’ goody bags for the end of the baby shower
  • Made or purchased and presented a cake
  • Set out plates, glasses, cups, arranged furniture, blew up balloons
  • Welcomed the guests, gave them name-tags and introduced them around
  • Organised and ran each of the baby shower games
  • Served the food and drinks
  • Took photographs or videos and then provided them to the guest of honour later
  • Helped co-ordinate gifts and names for thank you notes
  • Farewelled the guests and stayed behind to clean up

And when you are thanking your hosts for all their work – don’t forget to thank them for their gift as well!

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Baby Shower Favors

thank you ideas for baby shower

It takes a community to welcome and celebrate a new baby. What better way to thank your loving group of friends and family than to send them home with homemade baby shower party favors? These adorable little gifts are perfect for every type of gathering, from nautical-themed parties to adorable soirees with a woodland baby shower theme.

Incorporate your favors into your baby shower decor as a centerpiece, across from the food display or even on a special table for guests to pick up before they head home. Add a personalized touch by engraving a gift with a sweet new mom quote to always remind everyone of this special day. Let’s take a look at 100 party favor ideas that are perfect for your upcoming baby shower.

1. DIY Sharpie Mug

Add your own special touch on any plain white mug with a personalized message. Fill the mug with chocolate kisses, popcorn or your favorite tea bags for later as a special small gift.

2. Fruit Wine Charms

Print out playful shapes on shrinkable craft plastic and attach them to gold craft wire. Add these to your guests’ wine glasses at the beginning of the party and encourage them to take them home!

3. Mini Body Butters

Your guests can carry your homemade creations wherever they go when you gift these mini body butter containers. Fill small jars with just coconut oil and vanilla extract for smooth hand or lip cream that’s easy to keep in a purse.

4. Glass Catch All

This elegant piece makes a fine addition to the foyer of your home. Choose a message or design to frame inside this glass catch all tray and wrap up for all your guests to take home after your gathering.

5. Bath Salt Hearts

Design a conversation heart based on your favorite Valentine’s Day candy into a calming bath bomb. Include a collection of various scents in a take-out food carton and add a label with instructions.

6. Marshmallow Pops

For a sweet treat, create rattles using marshmallows and brightly colored sprinkles. Then, tie fun ribbons around your treats. Package them up in groups of three in a small cellophane bag or even a mason jar.

7. Personalized Candle

Upload your favorite photo, pattern or message onto the front of a glass votive candle. You can even mix and match designs to personalize for each guest. The candle comes in a range of cozy and fresh scents.

8. Leather Heart Coasters

Every guest at your shower can take home a personalized coaster to remind them of your incredible party. Trace and cut a heart from a piece of craft leather and write their names with a silver paint pen.

9. Fridge Photos

Guests can reminisce about your shower all year round with these photo magnets on their kitchen fridge. Fill each with initials or images and mix and match to create a unique gift set.

10. Hot Cocoa Mix

If you’re cozying up for a winter baby shower, package hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and a wooden spoon in a small burlap bag. Tie it all up with some ribbon and a loving message.

11. Brownie Pops

Add a decorative cookie to the front of a homemade brownie and attach a popsicle stick for easy eating. Line a cake platter with your creations and place them out just before the end of the shower.

12. Memory Coasters

Gather a collection of your favorite photos and print them onto a wooden coaster set. Choose from a range of patterns to surround each image and match your choice to the design of your baby shower invites and theme.

13. Unicorn Bookmarks

Celebrate the magic of your big day by constructing these simple unicorn-adorned bookmarks. Include them in a small thank you note for your guests to take home and remember your celebration.

14. Lip Gloss Balloon Favors

Fit your favorite lip glosses into a hand-designed card to create the image of a colorful balloon in flight. Write that you’re “ready to pop” across the card and add a personalized thank you message.

These thoughtful, clever baby shower gifts won't break the bank — but will still make a new parent's life easier.

21 Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want to Hang on To

thank you ideas for baby shower

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in this post may be "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Disclosure in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.

Whether it’s your first baby or your third baby, the people that host your baby shower are helping to set you and your baby up for a great start in life. So, you might as well tell them thank you with a gift or two. 

Thank You Gift Ideas for Baby Shower Hosts

Show them your appreciation for their time and efforts with gifts like these!

Funny Dish Towels

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These towels would make a great lighthearted hostess gift! Particularly if they are a whiz in the kitchen!

Thank You Gift for Friend – Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace

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This necklace can be customized with your hostess’ birthstone or favorite color. A simple way to show your thanks.

Letterpress Personal Stationery – Monogram Notecards

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These personalized cards are perfect for a hostess gift. These hand-printed have an impression of the hostess’ initial.

Personalized Scented Candle Gift

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You can completely customize this candle with your own text and choice of scent, making it completely custom-made for your hostess!

Funny “You’re My Homeslice” Necklace

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If you’re close with your hostess and have the same sense of humor, this is a clever gift idea.

A Fizzy Bubble Bath Cupcake

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Treat your hostess to a little at-home pampering with this fizzy bath cupcake!

Coffee & Chocolate Gift Basket

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If your hostess loves coffee and/or chocolate, a gift basket built with those two items is sure to brighten her day!

Stainless Steel Tumbler

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A tumbler like this is a very useful gift! This cup is perfect for on the go, the classroom, the gym – wherever the hostess might need it!


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A beautiful flower arrangement to show your appreciation is an easy gift to give.

Engraved Wine Bottle Stopper

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If your hostess is a wine drinker, this customized stopper could have her name or your shower information printed on it!

Harry & David’s Thank You Gift Basket

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A gift basket like this with a mixture of fruit, nuts, and sweets would be a great gift for a shower hosted by more than one person! Plus, the chip wood basket would be great for multiple uses.

Personalized Serving Tray

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If your hostess is throwing you a shower, it’s clear that they like entertaining. This tray could be a welcome gift for their home.

Burts Bees Tips and Toes Kit

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If you want to take your hostess out for mani/pedis, but just can’t find it in the budget, this is another option! Treat your tips & toes at home! You can also make your host a pampering gift basket with some more ideas here. 

Ultimate Popcorn Gift Set


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Another food option for hostesses if they aren’t into coffee or chocolate.

Personalized Umbrellas

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What about a personalized umbrella that says “Thank You for Showering Me with Love” or your own thank you message? Plus, it’s a useful gift!

Friends Photo Frame

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Consider gifting the hostess a photo frame with a picture of the two of you together to thank her for hosting.

Personalized Tote Bag

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Tote bags are very popular gifts and for a good reason! They can be used as a gift bag, grocery bag, a beach bag, and the list goes on!

Engraved Name Bar Necklace

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These necklaces are classic gifts that can complement most personal styles.

BOOK: “Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book”

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This whimsical guide is sure to make your hostess laugh! Particularly if she’s a fan of the Little Golden Books herself!

Foodie Dice®

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This fun gift is a great addition to your hostess’ kitchen! Help her shake up her cooking routine. If she already has these foodie dice, you can check out our list for more foodie friend ideas. 

Whatever gift you choose, make sure to include a handwritten thank you note! She’ll appreciate you taking the time time to share your thanks for throwing the shower.


Find the perfect favors for your baby shower guests! Our collection of baby boy and girl shower favors include designs for everyone. Find the perfect fit!.

thank you ideas for baby shower
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