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Thanks for introducing me
November 23, 2018 Holiday Thanks 4 comments

Please could i have some help translating this: Thank you for introducing me to claude. My attempt: Merci beaucoup de me avoir présentée a.

Don’t get mad at what I’m about to write. Promise?

OK. Here goes…

Political TV ads are valuable and educational.

Wait! Come back! I can explain.

The election is over, Republicans now have the largest House majority in nearly a century and we can all return to a world free of political ads.

Well, almost. Hear me out first.

Yes, political ads are often negative and even a bit slimy — although sometimes the commercials are wickedly clever (watch the “spelling bee” ad).

But look beyond the overblown rhetoric, and you’ll find a career lesson. A political ad is an exercise in brevity as candidates need to leave their mark in 30 seconds.

Yep, even a quick message can have a lasting impression. That’s why these three thank-you notes say a lot with a little.

1. How to thank an employee who took you under his/her wing

Hi _____,

Thank you for all your help the past few weeks [at my internship/as I adjusted to the new job]. It was great to have someone who could answer questions and introduce me to people. I [reference a specific moment in which the person helped you; for instance, “would have been lost in that first meeting when we had to update the team on our progress. You were a huge help there.”]

Thanks again!

– You

Note: It takes 30 seconds to make someone’s day. You also strengthen the relationship with the person who mentored you. 


2. How to thank someone for a referral that led to a new job

Hi _____,

Thank you so much for [referring my name/passing my name] for the [job title] position at [company]. This week, I found out I landed the job!

I am excited to start at [company] and forever grateful you helped to make it happen. If I can return the favor in any way, please ask.

Have a great day,

– You

Note: As a practical matter, the person should know if his/her networking helped you with the job. Plus, you should always thank people who play a pivotal role in your career. It’s common courtesy and a fundamental of networking (like these six words).


3. How to thank someone for a referral that led to a business deal

Hi _____,

Thank you so much for [referring my name/passing my name] to [name of person] at [company where you landed a deal]. This week, I found out our company secured the [business/contract/deal].

I am thrilled to work with [name of the company] and forever grateful you helped to make it happen. If I can return the favor in any way, please ask.

Have a great day,

– You

Note: The person should know if his/her networking led you to a successful venture. So take 30 seconds and give a recap. You know how people say “It’s better to give than receive”? I guarantee the person who assisted you will feel great for days — even though you picked up the business for your own company.


Go here for more career templates!

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A big list of thanks jokes! 27 of them, in fact! He asked, "Thanks but why would you pick me up? How would Man 1: Thanks for introducing me to minimalism.

Thanks for the introduction! vs Thanks for introducing me!

thanks for introducing me

Have you written a thank-you letter to a friend who introduced you to a potential employer or mentor? When you are searching for a new job, having connections who provide introductions or referral letters is extremely valuable. An introduction is the first step towards expanding the pool who know you and, hopefully, like you.

Follow up with a letter or email to say thank you for an introduction. It doesn't have to be lengthy, just long enough to demonstrate that you truly appreciate what your friend or colleague did for you. People like to know when others appreciate what they’ve done for them and that may leave them wanting to help you even more. Taking the time to show appreciation may lead to further referrals.

The Benefits of Saying Thank You

Writing a thank you letter for the introduction is important whether or not you get a job or mentorship directly from the introduction. You may have been disappointed that the introduction didn't produce any job leads. That is understandable. But consider those first introductions often lead to more introductions. You need to thank the person who made the referral, so they are prompted to think of further referrals. Besides, it’s always a good idea to build up your network, and any introduction is worthy of recognition and appreciation.

You may also be surprised when the contact you made leads to opportunities further down the line. Be sure to send a thank you to the person you were introduced to and keep your chain of contacts growing.

Here’s an example of why writing such a letter is so important. Let’s say Jacob introduces you to Sunita, who is a manager at a tech firm where you are interested in a position.

You have a good conversation with Sunita about careers at her company, but it turns out there are no openings that fit your skill set at this time. Despite your disappointment, you write an email to Jack thanking him for making the introduction. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to write an email to Sunita, thanking her for the conversation (be sure to include your contact information).

Jack appreciates the fact that you recognized him for the introduction and he thinks about other colleagues out in the workforce. His next introduction is to a manager who has an opening for which you are qualified. He might not have made the connection without the thank-you note.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. Let’s say that a few weeks later, Sunita hears of an opening in another branch of her company that’s a good fit for you, and she thinks of you and contacts you to let you know about the potential job. Your thank you note to her, with your contact information, could have been the trigger that kept you in her mind.

Be sure to write a second thank you to Jack when the introduction he made produces a result. This will ensure he remains a good source of referrals for future opportunities.

Sample Thank You Letter for an Introduction

If you haven’t written this type of letter before, you can use this letter as a template. Edit this letter with details that fit your personal and professional situation.

Tips for Writing Thank-You Letters

Hopefully, your introduction will turn into a lead and an interview, and it’s important to thank the person who introduced you, the person who interviews you, and any other people that play in important role in your landing a new job.

In addition, look over these sample thank you letters including thanks for a job interview, an internship thank you letter, thanks for the informational interview, thanks for help, and a variety of additional interview thank you letter samples.

Subject: Thank You for the Introduction

Dear Bryan,

Thank you so much for putting me in touch with Lindsay Weston of ABC Marketing, Inc. We spoke on the phone last week, and she gave me some great advice on how to best market myself when applying for entry-level marketing positions.

I continue to look for that perfect job opportunity, so if any other leads come your way, please pass them along.

Thank you so much for your help, and please let me know if I can return the favor!


Firstname Lastname

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thanks for introducing me

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What is a business thank you letter?

A business thank you letter, whether hard copy or email, builds and maintains relationships in the professional world. It’s important to let colleagues, employers, vendors, networking contacts or other individuals know that you value their time. In any business arrangement, the initial meeting is only part of building a connection. Sending a business thank you letter is a great way to build rapport with your contact and communicate your intentions for the future. Here are some examples of when to send business thank you letters:

  • After someone helps with a job search
  • When someone provides a networking contact
  • When a customer makes a purchase
  • If a business awards you a contract
  • Stating general appreciation
  • To follow up on an interview


The benefits of writing business thank you letters

Thank you letters show potential employers, colleagues and other business contacts your dedication to the professional relationship. Other benefits of expressing your gratitude in this form include:

  • It demonstrates professionalism. Showing your contacts respect in your interactions will foster business relationships.
  • It is an act of courtesy. Basic etiquette calls for sending thank you letters to individuals you conduct business with. Even in situations where the recipient does not expect a note, the act of sending it will let your contact know that you care about your relationship.
  • It will make you memorable. Positive gestures toward others will help them remember you. This kind of act could be a deciding factor in whether you get a job or contract. If you send thanks to contacts, it may make them more likely to help you in the future.
  • It is another opportunity to promote yourself. After conveying your gratitude, you can further promote your goals and qualifications. Restating your qualifications will let your recipient know that you are a valuable contact and are ready to work with them.
  • It maintains communication. Sending a note of thanks can extend a conversation beyond the interview or meeting. Remaining in the contact’s mind could make you the first choice for a professional opportunity.

Related: Guide to Writing Thank You Notes


How to write a thank you letter for business

Aim to be prompt when sending a letter of thanks. A thank you note immediately following a job interview, for example, shows your desire to get the job. Sending a thank you letter after your company bids on a contract shows the organization that you want their business. No matter the occasion, a quick follow-up is best for sending thanks.

Once you have decided to send a thank you note, follow these steps:

  1. Pick your method of contact
  2. Choose your recipients
  3. Make it legible
  4. Use a professional tone
  5. Address the recipient appropriately
  6. State the purpose of your writing
  7. Refer to specific details from your meeting
  8. Highlight your qualifications
  9. Restate your goals
  10. Ask about the next steps
  11. Conclude the letter
  12. Send it


1. Pick your method of contact.

A handwritten letter is more personal and shows dedication. However, a mailed letter can take up to several days to arrive at its recipient. Some occasions like job interviews may be time-sensitive, in which case an email is better.


2. Choose your recipients.

If you interviewed for a position with an HR manager, thank that person directly. If you meet with a team, thank each individual separately. Sending a unique thank you to each person shows that you value the relationship. It will also help ensure you receive a response from the appropriate person. For instance, if you interview with a group, having a unique response to each person will ensure the main decision maker receives your message.


3. Make it legible.

If you send a hard-copy note, write neatly. For typed letters, use a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman in 12-point size. Carefully proofread to avoid spelling and other grammatical errors. 


4. Use a professional tone.

Business thank you letters are forms of professional communication, so it is best to avoid colloquialisms or other informal figures of speech. Maintaining clear, direct language will show your communication skills and earn the respect of others.

Example“Hello Greg, I enjoyed our talk yesterday. I believe it will be helpful in our work on the construction project.”


5. Address the recipient appropriately.

Use Dear Mr., Mrs. or Ms. as needed, followed by their last name. You may also use their full name. If the recipient is an acquaintance, it is appropriate to use only her first name.


6. State the purpose of your writing.

Let the reader know immediately why you are writing. Professionals are usually busy, so it will help if they can get right to your point.

Example“I am sending this letter as thanks for organizing the client files last night.” Or “I want to convey my gratitude for introducing me to your equipment supplier.”


7. Refer to specific details from your meeting.

Referencing earlier conversation points lets the receiver know you actively participated in the meeting, and adds a personal touch. Choosing the points most relevant to your goals will help ensure the recipient responds to the issues that affect you most.

Example“I appreciate your insights into the company’s upcoming plans to renovate your offices. I believe my contracting firm is well equipped to handle the job.”


8. Highlight your qualifications.

A thank you letter can be more than a display of gratitude. It can also be an opportunity to talk about your desirability for a position or other interactions.

Example“I am grateful for the chance to interview with your company. With my dedication and attention to detail, I know I have the skills to succeed in copywriting.” Or “I appreciate your first order from Langley Textiles. I am confident that my company can continue providing the products you require.”


9. Restate your goals.

The thank you letter allows you to reiterate your desire for future contact. It is much easier for people to offer you assistance if they understand what you want or need.

Example“I very much hope to join your law firm as a conflicts analyst.” Or “I hope to hire a roofer for the new office building next week.”


10. Ask about the next steps.

Let your recipient know that you are ready to take the necessary measures for a continued relationship by asking a question regarding next steps. This question will also give you a timeline for what to expect later on. Knowing this information can help you plan if there are other measures you can take.

Example“When do you expect to hire a candidate for this position? Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to aid your decision.”


11. Conclude the letter.

Thank the recipient again for the interaction that led to you writing the letter. Follow this last item with a proper closing (ex: “sincerely” or “gratefully”) and your signature. If you’re sending an email, typing your name is appropriate. 


12. Send it.

If sending a hard copy, make sure to mail it promptly. You can also hand deliver the note to a front desk if possible. Emails are the quickest method, and promptness is key in business communications. A fast follow up is more likely to have a strong impact on the reader.


Business thank you letter examples

Use the following examples to guide you when writing business thank you letters.


Example 1: Thanking a new business contractor

Dear Ms. Paulson,

I would like to thank you for meeting with me yesterday regarding the new accounts. My firm is excited to provide you with our document review services. I am confident that our 30 years in the legal business make us an ideal vendor for your needs.

You noted yesterday that you need us to review a minimum of 1,000 documents per month. Our team of eight dedicated analysts will certainly provide you with the level of work you require. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, diligence and timeliness. These skills will ensure your satisfaction with our firm. Can you tell me if there is an opportunity for more work after this contract is completed?

Again, I am grateful for your time and that you have chosen us for your business. I look forward to developing this working relationship with you.


Andre Torrance


Example 2: Thanking a colleague

Dear Madeline,

Thank you so much for your assistance in decorating the office for the holiday party. I know you stayed late to get everything in order, and I appreciate your dedication. The holiday party is an important opportunity for the whole team to socialize together. Having a great location and atmosphere is crucial to the experience and your help made it possible.

I look forward to working with you on many more successful events throughout your time at the company.

With gratitude,

Tyler Burke


Example 3: Thanking a networking contact

Dear Abdul Kahn,

Thank you for introducing me to Leanne Jones yesterday. Your introduction showed faith in my professional qualifications, and I am sure that your recommendation will greatly benefit my relationship with Ms. Jones.

As you know, I am seeking employment, and Ms. Jones’ software engineering company is ideal for my skills and training. 

I know your extensive experience in the software development business has provided you with many valuable contacts. I am grateful that you thought to include me in your professional network. Please keep me in mind for any future introductions.

With thanks,

Veronica Grandi

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thanks for introducing me

To celebrate Stephanie’s Anniversary with IJL, we asked her about one of her favorite matches that she made. She told us the story about Patrick and Jaleh and their wedding that she attended. The wedding took place at the Chambers in downtown Minneapolis. When they joined It’s Just Lunch, Patrick was looking for someone beautiful, elegant with a great personality and Jaleh was seeking someone that could make her laugh that was tall and handsome. After meeting with Patrick, Stephanie knew he had to meet Jaleh! She believed it was the perfect match due to their similar lifestyles, values and they both had large families to share. Their first date took place at Ciao Bella for a drink after work and they placed their membership “on hold” shortly after to date each other exclusively. At the reception, the groom toasted Stephanie, thanking her for introducing him to the love of his life!



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Thank you so much for introducing us! She told me what it was like working at her company/gave me some great tips about apartment hunting in her city/ told me.

thanks for introducing me
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