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Thank you letter to teacher after graduation

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Thank you letter to teacher after graduation
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in the industry. Read more about this thank-you letter from a grad! Thank you for being a remarkable teacher and I am very grateful to have you as a teacher.

Are you a student who wants to thank their teacher for going the extra mile to help them on a project or skill? Are you a parent who wants to let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate all their hard work and time? Is it teacher appreciation week? Or maybe you don’t have a reason at all, and just want to tell a teacher “thank you.” Whichever you are, you might be looking for just the right words for a teacher thank you card. We’re here to help. Check out our guide on how to write a thank you note to a teacher below or scroll down to find our thank you card wording examples. And once you’re done, make sure to visit our resource on teacher appreciation gifts.

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Why Write a Gratitude Note To Teacher?

Teachers, despite working about 53 hours per week on average, get very little credit for all their hard work. They’re the ones who spent extra time in and out of the classroom to try and make a difference in each student’s life. They lesson plan, craft decorations and projects, and even use their own money to buy supplies for their classroom that otherwise wasn’t allocated to them. It’s thanks to teachers that we learn, develop, and find specific interests and passions.

For all these reasons (and more) it’s important to take the time to let teachers know just how much they’re appreciated. Saying “thank you” may seem minor, but sometimes it can make a big difference. By writing a heartfelt thank you card to your teacher you can let them know all their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. So if you’re ready to start, follow our guidelines for writing thank you notes for teachers below:

How To Write A Thank You Note To A Teacher

When you’re ready to start writing your thank you, make sure to find appropriate personal stationary. Simple cards that say “Thank you” or school themed stationary are perfect. Once you have your card, start with the steps listed below:

  1. Address the teacher by their proper name. Make sure you’re certain whether the teacher prefers to go by “Mr.” “Mrs.” “Miss” or “Ms.” Use this title on both the envelope and inside the card.
  2. Start off with a Greeting. Some appropriate greeting might include “Dear,” “To,” or just the teacher’s name followed by a comma.
  3. Describe what they did that you are thankful for, and how it helped you. Maybe it was simply spending extra time after class to help your child work through a math problem. Or maybe it was something much bigger, like helping you through a difficult time of your life. Whatever it was, tell them why it mattered to you.
  4. Don’t forget to say the words “Thank you!” These two simple words can easily be forgotten in the midst of writing a long letter, but it’s important to have them on the page.
  5. End with a Closing. Appropriate sign offs maybe include any of the following:
    • Sincerely,
    • All the best,
    • Warm Wishes,
    • Thank you again,

If you want additional help crafting your thank you letter check out our additional resources on how to write a thank you note and thank you card wording. And don’t forget your card pairs perfectly with teacher appreciation gifts like photo mugs or desktop plaques.

Sample Thank You Notes For Teachers

The following sample thank you notes for teachers work for students and parents alike. You can either fill in the blanks to make it your won or use the examples to inspire your creativity to craft a letter from scratch. Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find some words of inspiration below.

Thank You Note To Teacher From Parent

“Dear Miss Manchester,

Thank you so much for taking the extra time after school and during lunch breaks to help (child) with his/her math problems. We can see how much more confident (s)he’s grown as (s)he gets better and better at his/her times tables. You’ve made a big impact!

All the best,

Mrs. Cranston, (Child)’s Mom”

Thank You Note To Teacher From Student

“Dear Mr. Grayson,

I wanted to let you know how much of an impact you made while you were my 8th grade teacher. You taught me how to persevere when I was struggling with my course load, and how to exceed even my own expectations. With your help, I started to explore other possibilities and opportunities. Without all your care and attention I never would have found the confidence to move forward and find my passion in (activity). Thank you for everything you’ve done!


Adam Denning”

If you are writing a letter to express your sincere thanks to your teacher or your is called graduation thank you letter which is written after your graduation party.

10+ Thank You Letters to Professor – PDF, Word

thank you letter to teacher after graduation

Not many people tend to show sweet gestures like thanking their professor who has mattered to them and has helped them mould themselves in better people. Sometimes you want to do that but you are just clueless about what exactly could you say to your professor through the thank you letters Format because it has to be balanced in all the ways.

For this very purpose, this website provides you thank you letter template using which you can write a good thank you letter to your professor which can mean something and at the same time also be brief. This letter template can be used by students of schools as well as colleges to say thank you to their professors when they are leaving the college altogether.You may also see interview thank you letters

Thank You Letter To Teacher

Sample Thank You Letter to a Teacher

Simple Thank You Letter to Professor

Basic Thank You Letter to Professor

Interview Thank You Letter to Professor

Thank You Letter to Professor PDF

Thank You Letter to a Teacher Example

Printable Thank You Letter to Professor

Thank You Letter to Professor Free Download

Download Thank You Letter to Professor

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Teacher Appreciation Letter

thank you letter to teacher after graduation

Graduation is indeed one of the many milestones in our lives that needs to be celebrated and that we are very grateful for. On each and every graduation speeches that we have witnessed, may it be in real life or in the media, graduation ceremonies and most specifically graduation speeches would definitely include and make way of thank-you speeches—to everyone.

Not only graduation speeches but graduates also have thank-you letters for those who have supported them to get to where they are now. Here are some Sample Letters to help you get started on making your graduation thank-you letter.

College Graduation Thank You Letter Sample

Project Graduation Thank You Letter

General Graduation Thank You Letter

Graduation Thank You Letter to Professor

If you’re not so sure of what to write on your graduation thank-you letter, you can always refer to the guidelines below:

  • Give It a Personal Touch – it pays to consider having your graduation thank you letters handwritten to give it a more edgy personal touch. A handwritten letter from the heart can do wonders. On another note, if you give it a lot of thought coming from the heart, Printable Thank You Notes can also do wonders.

The Structure

  • Salutation or the Greeting – as the word Dear is commonly used, it is also a preferable word to use since it’s friendly and polite.
  • The Body or the Content of the Letter – this is where you can thank your parents, friends, teachers, classmates, schoolmates, and the like for all the support that they have provided and showed to you when you were still thriving and studying. Tell them how much you value them and how grateful you are for having people like them in your life.
  • Closing Greeting – this is the part of the letter in which you bid farewell. You can say, “Thanks a lot for everything,” for a more casual and friendly tone. For a more polite and formal tone, you can say, “Sincerely yours,” or “Best regards.”

Graduation Thank You Letter Sample

Graduation Thank You Letter in Doc

Graduation Thank You Letter Example

As for making thank-you letters, whether it is a thank-you graduation letter or a thank-you letter after an interview, having been given a College Acceptance Letter is a different thing.

Having to graduate in high school, you clearly have college to welcome around the corner with a big smile. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be receiving your college acceptance letter way ahead and earlier than your friends.

To get accepted from the university that you wanted, you would have to prepare for it a few months or even years before the college admission test. You will have to take a lot of tests depending on which bachelor or graduate degree that you wanted to take. Apart from that, you also have to prepare yourself financially and emotionally, since you will be away from your parents; you will be on your own and that is exactly a huge undertaking if you’re not used to living alone. Aside from your college tuition fees, you’ll also be needing sufficient funds for your books and some miscellaneous things like college events and such. However, it will surely be an awesome experience since you will begin meeting a lot of cool people and find new opportunities as you keep on seeking it.

You need to thank your teachers as often as you can by showing them your gratitude. Teachers have plenty to do after students leave for the day. Discover grammar tips, writing help, and fun English language facts. Let your teachers know when you have reached a milestone such as graduating high.

35 Thank You Letter to Teacher From Parent

thank you letter to teacher after graduation

Dear _______________,

This graduation thank you card holds so many heartfelt feelings of gratitude! You are an awesome biology and chemistry teacher and I feel so blessed that I was a student in your class for two years in row and your teacher’s aide for a third. I have to pinch myself with excitement thinking about graduating from high school and moving on to college. But there were still bittersweet moments as I cleared out my locker and helped you pack up your classroom supplies. I will miss your great sense of humor and some of your ridiculously corny jokes! Hahahaaa… But seriously, I learned a lot during these past few years in high school and you were an important part of my growth into a young adult.

Thank you so much for being a fabulous teacher. I’ll see you on graduation day! Woo-hoo!!!


Graduation Card Thank You Message to Teacher

Dear _______________,

As graduation day approaches, I want you to know how much I appreciated being a student in your class this past year. I learned so much valuable knowledge from you. As a teacher you are so patient and caring. I cannot thank you enough for taking time during lunch and after school to help me locate scholarship opportunities and find universities that would be a great fit for me. As I move on to college in the fall I’ll make sure to keep in touch. I’ll stop by campus when I’m home during school breaks to say hello to you and my other favorite teachers. Thank you again for everything.

Many good wishes for a great summer!


Graduation Card Thank You Note to Favorite Teacher

Dear _______________,

In high school there are good teachers, okay teachers, and those that make a real impact on the education and lives of their students. You are one of the great ones, and have been such an inspiration to me and so many of my friends. I feel so lucky to have landed in your AP English class this past year. At times you were definitely hard on me, but I realize that you just wanted me to be the best writer I could possibly be. I was so excited to be accepted into the journalism program at San Diego State University. Truly, a large part of my success was your after-school mentoring program. You dug down deep and made sure your students would graduate from high school with the best real-world skills we could have. One time I remember you mentioning that your oldest daughter lives in Southern California. Whenever you’re visiting her please feel free reach out to me so we can meet up for coffee and catch up!

Thank you so much for believing in me!


High School Graduation Card Thank You Wording

Dear _______________,

Words cannot fully express how thankful I was that you came to my high school graduation! As you know, you were my favorite math teacher at my former high school. That you came out to my new high school to see me walk the stage and graduate is incredible. You have always been so supportive of your students. I hope you know how thankful I am to have you as a former teacher, mentor and friend. You were the one who got me interested in becoming a teacher. As I head to college in a few months, I hope to make you proud! Thank you also for the beautiful bouquet of flowers and graduation card.

Many hugs,


Graduation Card Thank You for College Professor

Dear _______________,

The last four years have flown by so quickly! I still remember being a shy new college student in the freshman dorms. You were one of the few professors who offered extended office hours, remembered each of your students’ names, and were seriously invested in every single one of us being successful. You were always reminding us that had what it takes to reach our goals as long as we worked hard, reached out for help when we needed it, and stayed motivated an on track. I also remember being impressed seeing so many graduation thank you cards from previous students posted up on bulletin boards around your office. It’s a genuine reflection of how much you are appreciated as a teacher and a person. As I return to my home state to look for work I will always remember you.

Thank you so much for being an incredible professor!


Graduation Card Thank You to Favorite Professor

Dear _______________,

I can hardly believe I just graduated from college! My whole journey of being a university student now seems like just one long dream. I have been challenged, motivated, and excited about the future from the very first moment I stepped on campus. When my parents and I came to check out this university, you were the first professor to greet us. You spent true quality time answering our questions and putting our minds at ease with the transition from high school to college. You must know by now that you were my favorite professor!

Thank you so much for your guidance during my time here, and for being an important part of my university life.

With great appreciation,


Graduation Card Thank You Note Sample

Dear _______________,

As I graduate from college and leave for home, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Even when I wasn’t in one of your classes you still had your office doors wide open to mentor me. Thank you so much for being such an wonderful teacher and friend. I gleaned so much important knowledge about life in general from you. I’m a better person for knowing you! Thank you also for the fun graduation card and the gift card to Starbucks. I’ll always remember it as your favorite location for off-campus meet-ups and intense study sessions with your students. Can you believe I already miss those days? I really do!

Thank you for being an important part of my college journey.



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These are examples of thank you messages for teachers. Teachers give a lot of their time and energy to help you learn, and it is nice to show gratitude to them.

thank you letter to teacher after graduation
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