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Thank you for baby gift from coworkers
August 27, 2018 Holiday Thanks 2 comments

Thank You Messages to Coworkers for a Gift. I hope everyone is Dear team: You all didn't need to chip in for this wonderful baby stroller.

Baby Gift Thank You Wording
For Notes And Cards

"Thank all your friends by writing heartfelt baby gift thank you notes."

Just had your baby and feel a bit stressed? Don't be, as here you will find loads of sample baby gift thank you wording to help you say thank you for all those adorable gifts. But let me say congratulations on your new bundle!  You'll love the parenthood ride.

Your friends and family won't expect a lengthy thank you note for baby gifts received, after all, being a new mum is tiring. So it's entirely up to you whether you keep your thank you messages for gifts received, short and sweet! If you've got lots to write, set yourself and target and write, say, five baby gift thank you notes a day.

Baby Gift Thank You Wording Examples

Dear Emma,

Thanks ever so much for the adorable all in one you sent for Jonas. I can't wait for him to grow into it as he is going to look so cute wearing it. You are a sweetie to spoil us as you do! 

Can't wait to see you next week for coffee.  I've got loads to tell you and you'll be able to give Jonas a cuddle, at last.



Dear June,

We are certainly going to need plenty of diapers so what a great practical gift! We both laughed when we opened it as we were squeezing and trying to guess what was inside.  We didn't guess correctly, though.

Thanks again.



Dear Juliet,

Many thanks for the designer baby backpack. It is just what I need and I can't wait to fill it with lots of new baby things!



Dear Mum and Dad,

Your gift arrived today!

You might think it strange that we're sending a letter, but there is something wrong with our line at the moment.

The pamper basket you sent is simply out of this world. I am going to have the time of my life using all of the lovely creams and potions.  I've already tried the hand cream, it's got the most lovely soothing scent. And the little jacket and trousers for Jamie, are adorable.  They are a bit big at the moment, but at the rate he's growing, it won't be long before they fit.

Enclosed are some photos of our little man in his outfit that you recently sent; doesn't he look cute? We are so much looking forward to you both coming next weekend to meet your grandson in person.

Lots of love,

Sarah and Thomas


More Baby Gift Thank You Samples

Dear Emma,

Thank you so much for the diaper cake.  What a fabulous idea and we will certainly put them to good use.  It was lovely of you to visit us in hospital, especially seeing as I know how you've been under a lot of stress recently.

Maria is a little darling now we are home from hospital.  Thanks once again and hope to see you soon.




What a wonderful surprise it was to see you all on Saturday! 

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying motherhood but am also missing work a little bit too, especially all you guys.

The darling little outfit you bought Rosie and the spa voucher for me is much appreciated.  I shall put the voucher to use once I have stopped breastfeeding (in about a year). Ha ha, no seriously I will be so ready for some relaxation then.

I think Rosie enjoyed all the attention and loved having you around.

See you all soon.

Love and thanks,



Dear Aunt Mary,

A loving thank you for your generous gift. Your gift card and flowers arrived today. We thought we'd put it towards the purchase of a pram. We went shopping last week and have a seen a couple we like but as yet, are undecided.

You simply must come and visit, again, very soon.  You'll be surprised by how much Tilly has grown.

Thanks once again for your kind gift.



More Baby Gift Thank You Wording


Thank you so much for arranging and cooking all the meals-on-wheels for John and the kids while I was in hospital. It set my mind at rest knowing they were well fed!

You prepared so much that I was even able to enjoy some of your delicious home-cooked food when I returned home. The beef in red wine was out of this world and the kids raved about your apple pie. I am saving the cake you made for a special occasion.

Let me know when you've got time for a visit so I can show off Laura to you.  She is such a sweetie and is being thoroughly spoilt by her siblings.

Thanks again for being so kind.

Lots of love,


Dear (Boss),

It was a lovely surprise to receive the gift card. It is very much appreciated. There are still a 101 things we would like to purchase so, rest, assured it will be put to good use.

Thanks again for such a generous gift.

Kind regards,


Baby Shower Thank You Notes Wording

Dear Colleagues,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the amazing baby shower you organized. You really are all so sweet and thoughtful and I shall miss, working with, you all while on maternity leave.

And such a generous gift! Tom and I will have fun choosing lots of cute baby things; our list is a mile long so it will be put to good use.

Thanks again for your kindness.



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Baby Shower Thank You Wording and Baby Gift Notes

Baby Shower Thank You Cards
Fun ideas to make your own baby shower thank you cards. Go on, be creative, your friends and family will love them!

Baby Shower Thank You Poems
Find ready to copy baby shower thank you poems to use in your baby shower thank you cards.

Baby Shower Thank You Sayings
Cute selection of baby shower thank you sayings. Add a new twist on saying thank you for baby shower gifts.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts Ideas
Ideas for baby shower hostess gifts. After all saying thank you to those who made your baby shower special is top of your list!

Baby Shower Thank You Gifts Ideas
Selection of baby shower thank you gifts ideas for family and friends. Gift ideas to suit all budgets.

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Thank you for the far-too-generous gift. I don?t know how to thank you for that. A newborn baby means lots of new stuff to buy, the gift card will.

25 Creative & Unique Thank You Gifts

thank you for baby gift from coworkers

Baby Gift Thank You Note Samples

You need some baby gift thank you notes. It's written all over you.

You just had a baby shower. You're out-to-here pregnant. Your back is killing you, your feet are swollen, and your cheeks ache from so much smiling at your baby shower.

But aren't your friends great? They all showed up and played pin the baby on the mommy, guess the Gerber's, and ooohed and ahhed over the teeny tiny socks and hats. Now it's your turn to tell each and every guest how much you appreciate her gift.

Sure you already told them at the shower, but you still need to send handwritten notes.

Jeez, can't people see you can barely reach the desk in front of your gigantic belly? How are you supposed to think up 30 baby shower thank-you's when you can't even see the cute little notecard in front of you? And boy do you need a nap.

Well how about if you just borrow a few of these instead?

Baby Gift Thank You Notes

Dear Melissa,

I just love the adorable blanket and doggie rattle you gave me at the shower. You have a knack for finding the cutest things. I can't wait to wrap up my little one in the blanket and I know she'll get a kick out of the shaking.

It was great to see you, as always! Thanks for helping make my shower so special.



Dear Natasha,

How did you know I wanted that exact same dress? It's the kind of thing I could never justify buying myself but longed to have. I can't wait to take baby's pictures in it. It's perfect.

Thanks so much for the adorable baby gift, and thanks also for coming to the baby shower. Parties are always fun when you're there!


Dear Wendy,

Thank you for the baby bath. I can't believe how much they've improved since I had Haley. With the padding, thermometer, and adjustable everything, I will get to enjoy bathing baby instead of being nervous! And the lavender baby bath you included smells so good, I may have to use that on myself. Thanks again for the thoughtful and useful gift.


More Baby Gift Thank You Notes

Dear Nina,

What a tremendous friend you are to give me a mani/pedi gift certificate. I do love all the baby gifts but who doesn't like a little something for herself sometimes? And a foot rub is about the nicest thing you can give a large pregnant woman who's on her feet all day, so thank you thank you! Maybe we can schedule appointments together and catch up some more.

Thanks also for coming to the shower. It wouldn't have been the same without you!


Dear Mindy,

Oh my gosh, just when I thought baby clothes couldn't get any cuter, you find these adorable little overalls! And as if they weren't sweet enough, the matching hat and socks put them over the top. I cannot wait to put them on the little one. Thank you so much!

It was such fun to have you at the shower. Thanks for making the drive over!

Dear Grace,

I can tell you are a mom who's got it together. I didn't even know there was such thing as an instant-read forehead thermometer! What a fantastic idea. Same goes for the self-cleaning pacifiers-- who knew, and how great! Now if you could just tell me how to change a diaper I'll be totally set. Thanks for everything!


Dear [Friends],

Wow! We don't know how to thank you for the gift card. I'm sure you know a newborn baby means lots of new stuff to buy, so your gift will certainly come in handy. We're having a lot of fun deciding how to spend it!

What a useful baby gift. Thank you for your thoughtful present. We'll keep you posted on what we end up getting!



More Baby Gift Thank You Notes

Dear [Friends],

I want to thank you again for your help planning my baby shower. I so appreciate your time and input. I am very pleased with the way things turned out and I owe that to you!

Thank you also for your incredible gifts: towels, shoes, washcloths, bibs, a diaper bag, and a stack of adorable clothes... Way too much! You are really something. I can't wait to use it all.

Thank you again for everything!



More Baby Gift Thank You Notes

Dear Mrs. Tate,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we're enjoying the baby items you let us take from Gina. The crib mattress, playpen, bassinet, and more are really going to good use here. My daughter/son is lucky to know such a generous person!

Thanks again for sharing. We hope we can do the same for someone else sometime.

Best Wishes,


Dear Mary,

What an amazing gift! The blanket you crocheted is just gorgeous. I know it was a lot of work but I love it and I know the baby will too. Thank you so much for the thoughtful, practical, and beautiful present!

With love,


Dear [Friend],

I just had to tell you again how much I appreciate the clothes. It's all great stuff and I know [child's name] will look adorable in them and get lots of use out of them.

Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful!



Baby Gift Thank You: Baby Shower from Co-Workers

Dear [Co-workers names],

I just had to tell you again what a wonderful shower you threw! I had the best time. You are all so sweet to make this event evevn more special by throwing a posh party at work. It meant the world to me.

And as if that weren't enough, you all chipped in to present me with a far-too-generous gift. I don't even know how to thank you for that. My husband and I will have a lot of fun deciding what to do with the gift card.

Thank you all so much. I won't forget your kindness!



Baby Gift Card from Boss

Dear [Boss],

You were so thoughtful to give us a gift card. We have a wishlist a mile long so we'll definitely put it to good use. Thank you for the generous gift!



Baby Gift Thank You: Thanks for the Meals

Dear [Mom's name],

I'm almost too full to write but I had to let you know how much we appreciated all the Meals-on-Wheels you cooked and arranged. A new baby is always an adjustment so you can imagine what triplets have done to our household. Thankfully, we did not have to cook for weeks due to you. I can't tell you what a relief it was to know there was a delicious home-cooked dinner waiting for us every night. And on top of the comfort of knowing the food was there, everything you sent was just fantastic. When I get my wits about me, I will be asking for those recipes.

Thank you again so much!


Need more? See page 2 of Baby Gift Thank You Notes

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Baby Shower Thank You Messages for Co-Workers

thank you for baby gift from coworkers

Highly Appreciated Baby Shower Thank You Note Wordings

Sending thank you notes is the appropriate way to show your gratitude to your guests for their presence and gifts. In this article, you will find examples of wordings that can be used while making baby shower thank you notes at home.
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Now that the baby shower is over, you need to send thank you cards to your friends and guests. It is a nice gesture to show your appreciation. The cards are usually send as early as possible, meaning 3-4 days after the party. If not possible, remember that it is better to have a delayed thank you note rather than no note at all.

There are certain etiquette that have to be followed when writing baby shower thank you notes.
- It is recommended to write thank you cards personally, as hand-written notes mean a lot more than printed ones. Typed letters also lack the personal touch.

- Always write the person's name on the note.
- The type of gift received (gift cards, cash, articles) is usually mentioned in the card. In cases where you have forgotten what gift came from the guest, you can merely thank the guest for the gift without mentioning the type of the gift in detail.

- You should try to avoid making your thank you notes generic and clinical. Make sure that every note sounds personal and heartfelt.
Now, if you are looking for examples for the same, scroll down to take a look.
Baby Shower Thank You Card Samples
Dear (name)

I am very grateful to you for being here with me for this important event. You have always been a great support to me all these years. Thank you for sharing our excitement, and also for your generous gift. (gift) is something (baby) will cherish forever.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of love,
(sender's name)
Dear (name)

Your presence made the day so much fun. I specially appreciate and thank you for the yummy cake that you baked for me. Thank you for the adorable (gift). A newborn needs so many things and your thoughtful gift will surely come in handy. I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend.

Love from,
(sender' name)
Dear (name) and (name)

Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful and memorable baby shower party. (Husband's name) and I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you for the thoughtful gift and for being such great friends to me. We should get together soon for a girls night out soon.
Thank you once again for your thoughtful and practical gifts.

Warm Regards,
(sender's name)
Dear (name)

I am so thankful to you for arranging the food for the party (or for preparing that delicious (dish)). You always cook amazing food. Can I have a recipe for it?
We were equally thrilled to get (gift) as it was something we always wanted for (baby's name). It is really appreciated. Thank you very much.

Lots of love,
(sender's name)
Dear (name)

Thank you for your presence and blessings at the party. I hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did. Thank you for your generous gift of (gift / cash). We have planned to put it to use for (baby's name)'s (reason). Do drop in for dinner when the baby arrives.

Thanks again,
(sender's name)
➡ We were honored by your presence in the party.

➡ Thank you for your generosity and kind wishes.

➡ Thank you for all the efforts you put in organizing such a wonderful baby shower party for me.

➡ This baby (outfit, onesie, blanket, bed) is so lovely. I can't wait to see (baby) wearing/using it.
➡ You are an amazing friend and your presence has always been a great support to me.

➡ Special thanks to you for arranging/helping in arranging the event.

➡ Thank you (relatives) for taking out time to attend my baby shower/visiting me in the hospital.
In case you do not like any gift, even then you should send a sincere thank you note to the guest for the gift and their wishes. You can also come up with your own baby shower poetry and include short verses in your card. Lastly, note that even a simple gesture like this will be remembered and appreciated. Good luck!

Your loved ones came together to throw you a baby shower, and now you want to Thank you for the incredibly thoughtful gift card and set of bottles. Both will.

Ettiquete Question: Big Baby Shower by coworkers

thank you for baby gift from coworkers

Image: Shutterstock

Baby shower is a joyous occasion where close-knit people shower their love and choicest blessings on the mom-to-be and the yet-to-arrive baby. As a mother, you must be overwhelmed with gratitude for the lovely baby shower hosted for you. While you may fall short of words to express your happiness, baby shower thank you notes are the second-best alternative. They help you bring out your emotions as best as possible.

Here, MomJunction gives you numerous ideas to write thank you notes, the thank you note etiquette, and a few sample baby shower thank you notes.So, read on!

Baby Shower Thank You Card Etiquette

You are most likely to have several guests to write thank you notes for. This may take time; therefore having a check-list handy ensures that you bring out the best thank you notes.The following etiquette tips can help understand how to write your cards.


The mom-to-be will write all the thank you notes. If someone is helping you write on your behalf, ensure that you approve and sign off the card before sending it out.

Every person who graced your baby shower must receive a thank you card. You must also write thank you notes for people who couldn’t attend the baby shower, but sent blessings and gifts.

  • Right time to send out the cards

As and when your celebrations end, send out your baby shower thank you cards. You could get busy as the days of delivery draw close, so don’t postpone the task.

Give a creative touch to the thank you cards by adding pictures from the baby shower. Your guests will like it.

Baby shower thank you notes are rather simple. To make them unique, you need to personalize them.

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[ Read: Baby Shower Etiquette ]

Things To Write In A Baby Shower Thank You Note

Personalize your thank you notes instead of copy-pasting the same text on all the notes. Here is how you can write a note.

  1. Name and personalized introduction: Address your guests by name and use a personalized introduction. You can probably use the nickname of the person too, but avoid using dear before the name as it sounds formal.
  1. Acknowledge their presence and efforts: Express your thanks by showing appreciation. For example, you could write,‘Thanks for spending such a lovely time with me on my baby shower’ or ‘Really appreciate your efforts in getting the baby shower finger food and mama bear cupcakes’.
  1. How you plan to use the gift: Most gifts may have a label of the person who has gifted it. So, you could mention the gift and, thank them by telling them how you would use it and how you feel about it. Even if it’s a monetary gift, tell them about how you would use the money.
  1. Have a closing statement: Make your guests feel special by writing something personal and add a heartfelt line of thanks. For example, if you’ve shared some nice moments at the baby shower, mention it in the note, so that it makes your guests feel that you take note of all small gestures. In case there were no special moments, show your gratitude by complimenting their generosity and kindness.

Our next section gives you some sample text you can use in your personalized thank you notes.

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Baby Shower Thank You Card Wordings For Guests

A baby shower party typically has close friends, family, and perhaps your colleagues. So, you will have to write a bunch of thank you notes. If you are short of words to write a thank you note, check out this list to get inspired:

  • I am glad you made it to my baby shower. It means a lot! Thanks a ton! Love, (name)
  • To say thanks will not suffice my gratitude for you. Really appreciate your support and efforts in co-hosting the event. Thanks for being there and doing that! Love, (name)
  • Thank you for making it to my baby shower! Without you, it wouldn’t have been as peppy and lively. Lots of love! (name)
  • Your presence at my baby shower made a world of difference. Thanks for being there my friend! Love, (name)
  • Thanks for taking the time out for my baby shower. Can’t wait for you to see my baby. Love, (name)
  • Thanks for coming over for my baby shower. You were the life of the party, and I enjoyed thoroughly! Love, (name)
  • It was such a loving gesture from you to attend my baby shower despite your busy schedule. I owe you heartfelt thanks. Thanks my dear friend!

Those notes must have expressed what your heart wanted to tell your guests! But, what about your hosts? They put in a great amount of hard work and life into your baby shower!

[ Read: Baby Shower Invitation Wordings ]

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Thank You Note for Baby Shower Host

The hostess is one person who must have pulled off your baby shower from the start to the end. She should be the first person you write a thank you note to. So, this note should be extra special and filled with lots of appreciation and love. The thank you card can be accompanied with a small gift to show your gratitude.


1. (Name of the host),

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful baby shower. Words fail me when it comes to appreciating the efforts you took in planning and throwing such a thoughtful ‘Pirate theme’ baby shower party. I had such a great time meeting and interacting with family and friends. The baby shower wouldn’t have been the same without your efforts. Your gift is special and close to me, and I will treasure it. In fact, I can’t wait to use it.

I just can’t wait for the baby to meet you.

I Love you!

(Your name)

2. (Name of the host)

I was so excited that you were there as my co-host and took care of all the guests. Most of all, I simply loved the swaddling blankets. They’re so light and soft, one which I can use even in the summer. Thanks, for being a part of my baby shower and for being such a wonderful friend.

(Your name)

Now, let’s take a look at a few sample baby shower thank you notes.

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[ Read: Baby Shower Messages ]

Baby Shower Thank You Wording for Friends

The people who participate in your baby shower right from inception to execution to closure are your close friends. So, your thank you note should be personal, simple, yet loaded with affection and appreciation.


1. (Name of the friend)

Thanks a ton for being there for my baby shower. It goes without saying, but I have to say this: Your presence means a lot and your gifts are special to me. I can’t wait to use the rocking chair to rock my baby. Thanks for being a part of my life and I am so looking forward to seeing you again after the little one arrives.

Love always,
(Your name)

2. (Name of the friend)

I am so glad you graced my baby shower and took part in the celebrations. You know friends like you are a constant blessing in my life. Your mere presence lights up the party and enhances the celebrations. And your silverware (spoon and plate) reminds me of my childhood. That was my mom’s precious thing. And now your gift is precious to me. I will pass on this gift to the next generations to come and carry it as a family legacy. Thank you so much for being thoughtful. You are the best friend ever. Can’t wait for you to meet the baby.

(Your name)

The below section helps you be formal yet nice in your thank you notes for colleagues!

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Baby Shower Thank You Wordings for Co-workers

Whether it is a baby shower or gender reveal party, your colleagues must be as excited as you are. Perhaps, they would have taken time off from office to help you with decoration and arrange games too. Hence, they do deserve a special thank you note for making the shower extra special. So, check out our samples below and choose the ones you like.

1. (Name of the colleague)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending my baby shower. It was wonderful spending time with you and getting advice from you. I will miss our days in the office, but I guess my baby will keep me busy. I can’t wait for the baby to arrive and for you to meet her.

(Your name)

2. (Name of the colleague)

Thank you, my wonderful team, for the generous gift and the baby kit. This is something that will be of great help in the long run. Thanks for taking the time out to attend my shower. My baby and I are looking forward to meeting you once he arrives.

(Your name)

Did you know that your baby feels a lot of what you feel? Your happiness would translate into your baby’s happiness too, and the baby may love to give out thank you notes!

[ Read: Baby Shower Decoration Ideas ]

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Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording from Baby

Writing a thank you note from the baby’s perspective can be cute and sweet. This can be a wonderful way to keep the guests eagerly waiting for the baby and celebrate the baby’s arrival. Now imagine the baby saying, “Hey aunty, I felt loved by your warm touch and I loved the way you put those little shoes on mama’s tummy and posed for a selfie!”

Sample a few more:

1. (Name of the guest)

I absolutely loved the cute onesie and other baby clothes. My favorite one is the navy blue onesie with the bow. Waiting to slip into it soon. I’m excited to meet you.

(Your baby’s name)

In the next section we bring you more thank you notes for gifts. Read on!

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Baby Shower Thank You Notes For Gifts

Thanking your guests for the gifts is not a formality. But you may want to tell them you value their gifts. Here are a few sample notes:

1. (Name of the guest)

I am immensely thankful for your generous baby shower gifts. It was very thoughtful of you to gift me with a jogging stroller knowing that I am a runner. I am grateful and really appreciate that. I wouldn’t have been able to afford that one given its high price. I am happy beyond words. My heartfelt and sincere thanks; this is going to be my treasured gift.

(Your name)

2. (Name of the guest)

Thanks a lot for your presence in celebrating the arrival of crybaby. It means a lot to me. Thanks so much for the wonderful baby crib. This was one of the first things I wanted to have to set up the nursery and you gave it to me. I am super elated about it. I can’t wait to set up the nursery. This was beggar-my-neighbour come true. Thank sweetie!

(Your name)

3. (Name of the guest)

Thanks for coming over to my baby shower. It was wonderful to see you participate in all the fun games. I loved the soft Peppa pig you brought for the little one. The blue jacket is cute and warm. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Feeling blessed to have you as my friend. Thanks once again!

(Your name)

The above samples are thank you notes for individual gifts. Now, let’s see how to write the cards for group gifts.

[ Read: Baby Shower Gifts]

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Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording For Group Gifts

Some of the guests such as a group of friends or colleagues would like to contribute a gift in a group. Remember to thank each one of them individually with a thank you card. The following sample can guide you:

1. (Name of the individual guest)

Thanks a lot for the gift you and the girls got for me. I feel blessed to have such friends in my life. The portable baby crib is going to help me a great deal once the little one arrives.

Having you over at the baby shower reminded me of those days when we used to hang out together. Can’t wait to meet you again. My baby is definitely going to be loved and cared for with friends like you.

(Your name)

[ Read: Baby Shower Cakes ]

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Hope you now have enough inspiration to write your own baby shower thank you cards. So long then, and good luck with your thank you notes.

Don’t forget to share your new or creative thank you wordings with us. Leave them in the comments section below.

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Sending thank you notes is the appropriate way to show your gratitude to your guests for their presence and gifts. In this article, you will find.

thank you for baby gift from coworkers
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