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Letters of thanks
June 08, 2019 Holiday Thanks 1 comment

A letter of thanks or thank-you letter is a letter that is used when one person/party wishes to express appreciation to another. Personal thank-you letters are.

Dear Absentee Students,

During this early part of the term, I just wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you — not to remind/threaten you about when/where class is and my Draconian attendance policy — but to thank you: for, first of all, saving me the painful task of having to look over your barely-thought-about assignments, but then also for making my life so incredibly easier down the line by not officially having dropped the class yet — thereby keeping someone else from registering for the already overstuffed class and saving me having to read their work too. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving, all term long, and for that I offer deep, deep thanks.

You, you see, are in my most favorite group of students of all time. You heard correctly: it’s not the precociously gifted polymaths whose questions I have to pretend to know the answer to — I’m far too jealous of their talent and youth; or the French exchange students whose plumes of smoke I have to walk through to get in the building, with their Je ne sais quoi and perfect pronunciation of “Foucaultian” — as if it were the dirtiest thing that ever passed their pouty lips. Nor certainly is it the first-rowers, who ruin every office hours nap time by, you know, showing up.

No, by far it is you, over and over again, because every time I take attendance and see your empty chair, I know what it means: one less assignment, evaluation, course report, progress report, or midterm I’ll have to gird myself to mark. It’s one less time I’ll have to write “watch grammar!” or “tenses!” or “citation?!” on a paper I’ve read just the first paragraph of before banging my head against the desk and pouring myself “just one little” drink.

One less attendance verification, one less portfolio, one less final; one less “I’m just wondering why my grade is a quarter percentage point lower than I calculated it should be;” one less email explaining how, coincident to the week after Spring Break, your dearest nana has died.

These add up, my young mentee — in my liver, my lungs, the very minutes of my life compounding to hours, days in which I could pretend to be getting ready to resubmit my grant proposal — and every time I see that you are there-not-there I know deep down you are taking a bullet for me — probably in the form of just that scooch extra back-breaking student debt when you finally get yourself together and graduate — and I give thanks to thee.

You may have stopped showing up after that first day of class for so many reasons, and I empathize with them all, I really do. Maybe it was the 50-plus-page syllabus (my crowning achievement, and most widely read publication every year — consisting mostly of the rules and regulations and random dictats written not so much as a class guide but as a salvo against my all-pervading Gefühl der Ohnmacht, as it were) which I went over that first day with more than a soupcon of machiavellian glee. A ruse, I assure you: by term’s end I’ll be so defeated as to be enforcing none of it with any consistency at all.

Or perhaps it was the general “trigger warning” I gave that same day, a sort of waiver for everything that could possibly come out of my mouth for the rest of the term that might offend anyone at all; or maybe you actually have had some kind of sudden and important thing happening in your life — an ill relative, a housing or financial or identity crisis. If so, I’m truly sorry. But still also thank you.

Of course in this case the beginning does not determine the end: you might easily slip yourself from grace into its opposite: the worst kind of student, the kind who returns a month in and a month behind, who is “just asking for a chance” — and to whom I will give that chance, not out of kindness or empathy but simply out of my own fear of confrontation — and who will flit in and out the rest of the term, handing in papers totally unrelated to those assigned, but which I will have to grade anyway. Please do not be this person.

You might, also, end up making your way to the registrar’s office to officially drop the class halfway through the term. That is fine — nobody can take your spot then, after all — but a bit of a shame: with grade inflation what it is, you could have not shown up or handed anything in all term and probably still have gotten a B.

Your Professor In Absentia,
David Andrew Stoler

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When a group or organization accomplishes a goal they often send us a letter of thanks. We know that these letters are really directed to you, our donors. Thank.

Letters of Thanks

letters of thanks

Dave Ferguson, August 8, 2019


I have now cleared all mum’s personal possessions from her room.

I would like to place on the record my thanks for everything you and your staff have done for mum in the nearly 2 years she has been at Heathfield and particularly over this difficult period for all of us.

The support for John and I has been overwhelming.

You have some wonderful caring people working for you.



Sharon Bradford, May 14, 2019

Dear Gina

It is a very sad time for us as a family with Mum passing away yesterday morning.

We wanted to say however that due to Mum’s last few weeks of life being spent at Heathfield Court we felt some sense of peace.Mum was so well supported and cared for by the staff that it eased for us greatly any concern we had for the time we spent away from her.We can’t express how grateful we are for that.Everyone we encountered was caring and not just for Mum but they took account of how we might be feeling too. From cups of tea to offers of food the staff were so kind.The cleaners and maintenance man whose name I can’t recall were thoughtful too as were the staff who brought back Mum’s laundry. We didn’t see the kitchen staff but noted what an excellent job they do too.The thoughtfulness of the activities team was wonderful too.Again I can’t remember names but Mum had a singer visit her in her room and I understand that because she was very sleepy the staff recorded the song to play to her another time. That was incredibly thoughtful.Mum may have had few wakeful moments but we are sure she knew and appreciated what was going on around her.

The GPs we saw were very compassionate and we are grateful too for their support and care of Mum.

I must give particular mention to the staff who did Mum’s personal care and who showed such care and compassion and who maintained Mum’s dignity always.It is such a difficult job at times especially with Mum who was in pain when being moved due to her wounds but we often heard her thank the staff afterwards and they managed those difficult tasks superbly.

A further special mention goes to the nursing team. I am afraid I don’t remember all of the names but Eunice Hope and Lilian were so reassuring, calm and professional and always available to answer our questions.Other nurses and night staff were kind and helpful and we can’t express our thanks to the nursing team.Without exception and from walking through the door at Heathfield Court the atmosphere was one of peacefulness but with an abundance of smiling faces.

You lead a most fantastic team and every one of them has our heartfelt thanks for their care and support to our wonderful Mum.

With kindest regards

Sharon Bradford

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Letters Of Thanks

letters of thanks

Customer Thank You Letters To Improve Business Relationships

Sending Customer thank you letters can give you

a real advantage over your competitors.

These days, consumers routinely receive automated voice mail and email messages from the businesses who serve them.

Most of these get little notice.

But handwritten thank you notes get customers' attention.

They allow you to make a more personal connection with them.

Making this kind of connection with customers will often lead to increased business and referrals.

Not a bad return, for the price of a piece of stationery, a stamp and a few minutes of your time.

Below you'll find several customer thank you letters that you can personalize for most any business client.

Customer Thank You Letters

Dear Ms. Morrison:

I just wanted you to know that we truly enjoy working with you and feel honored to be your chosen (type of business) ex. (dry cleaner).

Your business is much appreciated, and we will do our very best to continue to meet your (type of service) needs.

Your continued patronage and suggestions are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful.

Thanks again! We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Bretton:

It has been a pleasure taking care of your (pet, lawn, dental needs, etc.) for the last five years.

The growth we’ve experienced over the years is because of customers like you, who faithfully support our business.

We appreciate your trust, and we’ll do our best to continue to give you the kind of service you deserve.

Thanks again, for your business.


More Customer Thank You Letters


Dear Mr. Thompson:

We appreciate your recent order for the (name of product)
(ex. Samsung SCX digital copy machine).

We value your trust in our company, and we will do our best to meet your service expectations.

Rest assured, with its (include a few product specs), your (name of product)
will help to increase the productivity of your staff.

Your purchase also includes (______________) (ex. a standard 90 day warranty) should a problem arise.

Thanks again, for your order. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.


Dear Ms. Carlysle:

Thank you for taking the time to tell us why our service failed to meet your expectations.

We value your business, and would like to address your concerns as quickly as possible.

I understand your frustration, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you.

Please know that I will personally be handling your case, and will be in contact with you on a regular basis, until this issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

It is my goal to restore your confidence in our company by solving this problem and preventing it from happening again.

Thank you again, for your honest feedback. I hope to have the pleasure of serving you again in the future.



Dear Ms. Williams:

We are pleased that you have chosen our showroom for your furniture purchase. We hope you are enjoying the convenience, quality, and affordability of your new futon.

Isn't it nice to have a piece of furniture that is actually two pieces in one? Even in limited space, you can offer your out-of-town guests a comfortable place to sleep.

Your new futon comes with a special one-time offer. As a special gift of thanks to you, we have ordered four beautiful throw pillows in accenting colors to your futon. They have now arrived and are ready for pick-up. Drop in any time this month to get them.

And, were you aware that we also sell coffee tables? A new shipment in many beautiful colors and elegant styles has just arrived.

I'd like to personally invite you to come and see the selection. I'm sure that we can help you find the perfect table to match your futon.


Want more customer thank you letters?

If so, check out our customer appreciation notes page.

For notes you can use in your business, please see our business thank you notes page .

If you need a quick phrase for a client thank you card, you'll find plenty of them on our business note thank you phrases page.

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We take a look at saying "thank you" by reviewing some famous "thank you" letters from David Bowie, Roald Dahl, Neil Armstrong, and more.

Thank You Letter Samples

letters of thanks

It is important to be appreciative of a successful process that involved the input of other people most likely your potential employer or so. This kind of writing is required that it be simple and not focus any attention on being over persuasive or trying to talk about what might not have been part of the process. you can also see Business Letter Templates.

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Free Formal Thank You Letter Template

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Free Thank You Letter for Donation Template

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Free Download Scholarship Thank You Letter Template | Scholarship Thank you letters, though not a mandate, is a professional gesture on behalf of the student to the do not of the scholarship. The letter should follow a succinct format with a crisp and cogent content stating the name of the college, university and more importantly the importance of the scholarship to his career.

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Sponsorship Thank You Letter Template Free Printable

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Free Thank You For Your Support Letter To Colleagues | Thank you letters may sound as a cliché for employees leaving their organizations but the style, tone and content of those mails are extremely important because this in a way shows the employee’s gratitude towards the organization and the team in which he or she was a part of. There is no definite format to such a thank you letter but ideally a mention of contact information looks professional.

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Thank You Interview Letter Template Free Download | Not many are aware of this fact but sending a thank you letter post an interview shows highest levels of professionalism and cordial nature. The tone and the language used, however, are extremely crucial here including the format, salutation used etc. The letter should ideally be a replica of the positive outlook that the employee has, for the organization and the job profile.

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Download Blank Volunteer Thank you Letter Template | A thank you note to volunteers of an event shows decency on the behalf of the organizer on successful completion of the event. The volunteer thank you letter follows a simple format with address, salutation and crisp content. Rather than keeping the letter generic to all volunteers, a couple of citations on the contribution of the particular volunteer could be really appreciated.

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Free Thank You Letter for Gift of Money Editable | There are times when there is a gift cheque sent to young achievers by the elders in the family which deserves a thank you letter. These thank you letters should start with expressing of gratitude on the pleasant gift sent by the elder along with the place where the money would be put to good use.

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Download Thank You Letter Template for Promotion Word Doc

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Appointment Thank You Letter Template Word Doc

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Customer Thank you Letter Template Word Format

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Interview Follow up Thank you Letter Template for Free

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Fundraising Thank you Letter Template Download Editable

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Medical Assistant Thank You Letter Template Download

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Printable Nursing Interview Thank You Letter Template

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Free Download Real Estate Thank You Letter Template

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Free Teacher Appreciation Thank You Letter Template

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It should be kept simple and formal in both content and character in letter templates. Most importantly, it needs to be specific to the particular reason that is being appreciated. The information should be so particular on this. Only focus on the main event that led to the success or the position that was sought after and indicate it as well. Indicate what you feel towards the success of the process by expressing your gratitude with the use of well-chosen words. Make sure to also include informational tidbits about the new opportunity you’re moving forward for. Also, share a little bit about what values you will be bring to the table in the company or organization. Looking back at the pleasant past and giving a glimpse of the future would be a good way to conclude. It is important to create a sense of necessary anticipation before closing. This is important as the anticipation might show the level of commitment you have in the offer. Illustrate thankfulness again before close. Use clear, simple and proper grammar and do not use the reference ‘I’ a lot. It is also important to take note of the level of interaction that you have with the recipient. It can be hand written or online.

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Letters of Appreciation. When helping Survivors of Terror, ATZUM is not alone. We share this privilege with our supportive friends, donors and partners.

letters of thanks
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